Cancer weekly horoscope 20 march

Everything you need to know for the upcoming week.
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Unfortunately, Mercury retrograde was just the beginning, folks. This week—particularly midweek—is going to feel pretty overwhelming. For starters, as dynamic Mars in Taurus aligns with powerful Pluto in Capricorn on March 20, with it comes an intense focus and energy on all things around us.

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The good news is that this can create an opportunity to blast through obstacles and obtain desired results. The bad news? It can cause a whole lot of mess in the process.

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As these momentous seasonal changes come together with such passionate zodiac forces, emotions could get much more intense than normal. Because of this, it would be best not to make any major decisions until emotions are more settled. On Thursday, the day of the Libra full moon, sultry Venus forges an angle to fiery Mars and forms a harmonious link to Jupiter.

This could inspire a desire for clarification or simply conversation. As the sun enters your sign this week, you might start to feel like a whole new person. But stay clear-headed as the supermoon approaches with a focus on relationships—past issues may be rising to the surface. Read your full Aries weekly horoscope. Prepare to feel bold and confident this week, as fiery Mars aligns with changing Pluto.

Clearing away this emotional baggage should help you embrace that fire the passion that Mars presents. That same day, the full moon highlights your lifestyle and routine. Do you have too much going on? Read your full Taurus weekly horoscope. In fact, you might be ready to take the next step! Lucky for you, some lighthearted energy from the sun in your social sector should help keep you calm during these high-intensity feelings midweek.

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Read your full Gemini weekly horoscope. Thankfully, your sensitive Cancer emotions might not be as affected as other signs this week.

Cancer Daily Horoscope

The only problem is that the full moon on Wednesday suggests that you need to pay attention to family duties, which could hold you back. Read your full Cancer weekly horoscope. Is it time for a vacation? Read your full Leo weekly horoscope. Still, plunge in. What you experience will be unexpectedly rewarding. Actually, the more swiftly you get involved, the better. When you made certain promises, both the circumstances in question and your own life seemed predictable.

Watching an arrangement or alliance you fought for come undone is no fun. The fact is, the foundation on which this was based has shifted, so much a comprehensive rethink is the only solution. However, you have certain blind spots, places, areas of interest or activities that you are absolutely sure would be dull, unrewarding or even irritate you. These views are based on the past. With things moving so swiftly, these will vanish within a short time.

For the past month or so, your ruler Venus has been positioned to accent various financial or business matters.

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Now that Venus is accenting ways you could broaden your horizons, suddenly life itself will be a lot more interesting. This is tricky, because your initial instinct is to try to put things right or make them happy. Planning ahead may be wise and, equally, takes the pressure off of you to make last minute decisions.

However, judging by the amazing yet entirely unexpected ideas or offers coming your way, there may be no choice but to deal with events as they arise. And some could be very sudden indeed.

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  8. Now that your ruler the Sun has joined Jupiter, planet of growth and opportunity, exciting changes are in the air. Waste no time discussing matters with others. This is about taking action. Facts may be exactly that, facts. But during periods of rapid and often exciting growth, such as this is, even seemingly unchanging elements of life and your world could be transformed, and overnight.

    Now that the Sun is in the restless sign of Sagittarius, it would be no surprise if you decided to take a chance on ideas that, only recently, would have seemed unsettling, if not risky. And those insights will prove amazingly helpful. One particular individual seems determined to back you into a corner. In fact, they want to force you to say or do something that will suit them, despite your concerns or reservations. However, that single word is the solution for all your problems. Say it. However, times have changed and so have you.

    Explore them. The fact is, certain of these will have to change, if not go. Yet again, somebody is accusing you of favouring another individual over them. However, this still needs to be discussed.

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    Do it now, and you can tidy up confusion and move on, all at the same time. This is one of those rare moments when a sudden insight could improve on everything, and for the better, if not end persistent battles. Not only is that unlikely, the sooner you take a firm stance, the better it will be for everybody, but especially you. But you may have no choice. The trick is to ensure everybody understands that the foundation on which those plans are based is shifting, and probably more than once.

    That requires the kind of courage others lack, but which comes naturally to you, as a Leo. There is no wrong way to do the right thing. Tempting as it is to argue, back off. That could well be the case at the moment. Say the minimum and do a lot of listening. The problem? That being the case, the sooner discussions take place, the better. While that was wise then, changes in circumstances have forced them to rethink things. Raise these matters. Bear in mind, however, some of what arises may be unsettling or worrying, at least initially. Not, perhaps, end it, but allow it to take a very different form.