Horoscop aquarius 6 marchie

An Aquarius born on the 6th of February has heightened senses, many talents and creative strengths, but their emotions can get overwhelming.
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Jupiter is commonly known as the planet of luck and expansion. In Gemini, information overload is a possible manifestation, as is being a big gossip:-P. For me, with the planet of luck T-squaring my natal Sun-Saturn opposition, I've had a lesson in building my self-esteem.

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I was battling with a nasty case of adult acne when Jupiter first exactly squared my natal Saturn back in mid August I simply wanted to hide away in a hole and never come out until I'm facially flawless again. In the end, it took me over 10 months to clear the infestation. I was extremely conscious of my unsightly skin and did not want to leave the safety of my home - I didn't want the world to see how awful I looked.

However, I had to make a living so I force myself out of the house everyday. By the time it squared my natal Sun-Saturn opposition in Nov-Dec for the second time, I realised that people around me still treated me the same as before, it's ME who couldn't accept myself due to a surface-level flaw. By now, I had received countless ways of getting rid of my pimples, and had crammed my drawers with acne creams of all kinds, half purchased after researching online and the other half given to me by worried friends t.

JU in 11th. Now March I'm receiving my final square to my SO-SA opposition and I'm happy to announce that my face is finally on its road to recovery. I had been so focused on my external life face - Saturn that I had neglected my inner self Sun, my solar quest. I had been placing too much emphasis on the material world Saturn in my natal 2nd at the expense of neglecting my spiritual health Sun in Pisces 8th.

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I should be grateful that it is transiting Jupiter that has been kicking my Sun-Saturn butt, and not other heavier and more solemn planets. It's not fun looking ugly and losing self-confidence, but at least it's not life threatening. I was able to remain relatively optimistic throughout, and whenever I felt myself getting weak, there's always someone there to lend me moral support. It made me see that noone treated me any differently except myself SO-SA opposition is a huge critic. Monday, 11 March Praying is not wishful thinking! I thought it's rather appropriate under the Pisces New Moon.

Here's an excerpt from it:. The human heart puts out about , times more electrical energy and times more magnetic charge than the brain. According to Gregg Braden, what this means is that 'when we create a feeling in our hearts the way the ancients told us to - feelings of appreciation, gratitude, healing, love and compassion - what we are really doing is creating a very powerful waves of electrical and magnetic energy inside our heart that floods our body with these fields and extends beyond our bodies into the world around us.

And that's how we influence the physical world around us - we can literally rearrange the atoms of physical matter through these fields if we learn to focus and hone this language. Hence praying and maintaining a feel of gratitude in your heart CAN magnetise what you want into your life. It's not wishful thinking! Take advantage of the upcoming powerful New Moon in Pisces to write down your wishes.

Sunday, 10 March Stirring from Slumber. With 7 planets in Pisces as we speak Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Neptune and Chiron , the stars are definitely reflecting a loud message back to us mortals roaming on earth - to have compassion, to tap into our emotions, to be sensitive to the needs of ourselves and others, to dissolve our boundaries and merge with the Universe Being a Pisces Sun, Mars, South Node and a host of minor planets , I'm feeling rather at home in this nebulous space - too at home.

I can't wait for these planets, one by one, to move into Aries. I can't wait for the surge of Arian enthusiasm and energy to wake us all up again not saying the Pisces stellium is a bad idea, I'm just feeling rather spaced out and am looking forward to a change of scenery. Mars and the Moon will be the first to enter the dynamic territory of Aries on 12th March, followed by the Sun on 20th March, marking the start of a new astrological year.

Leaving Mercury, who will join the crew next month on 14th April. We will sure to get a shock of some kind as each of these planets pays a transient visit to Uranus in the coming weeks. New Moon in Pisces I don't know about you, but I'm absolutely 'Piscesed out' with the Pisces stellium playing in the background.

Mercury then decided to retrograde in Pisces and now we are approaching a Pisces New Moon. How do you all feel? Spaced out? You're not alone. Let's see how we can make the most of this dreamy and compassionate sign. It conjunct Venus 17 degrees 9 minutes Pisces and trine the North Node 18 degrees Scorpio the tightest.

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With Venus exalted in Pisces, this aspect is urging us to extend our kindness selflessly and unconditionally and to go beyond the confines of the boundaries we have built around ourselves. With Mercury retrograding in Pisces in detriment , I'm not sure if we should trust our judgment in discerning which boundaries to dissolve. However, this retrograde period, sandwiched between Neptune and Chiron, gives us a fantastic platform to heal past wounds through introspection, i. This 'healing sandwich' Neptune-Mercury-Chiron trine Saturn in Scorpio, giving us a tangible way of delving into the depths of our emotions.

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It is also worth checking out the rulers of this New Moon too - Jupiter and Neptune. We have already talked about Neptune. Let's look at Jupiter. It is in Gemini squaring the Pisces stellium; the 'healing sandwich' being the tightest. This to me is like a war between 'water' and 'air', i. Perhaps we are overusing our logic Jupiter in Gemini and need to consider tapping into our emotions Pisces stellium.

Too often, we talk about our woes, but do we allow our bodies to feel the sorrow? This message is repeated by the fact that Jupiter in Gemini is ruled by Mercury in Pisces - which goes back to emotions again. In any emergency, friends around them will also be gambling. Pigs, especially working Pigs, should pay more attention to their health in Pigs who horoscope should casino remember to obey the traffic rules.

In their luck year, Pigs may earn a lot horoscope money. They should not, however, take part gambling gambling gambling risky grand mondial casino commentaire, or they will be deceived and lose money. When pigs go to crowded places, they must horoscope care luck their belongings. In addition, when is instadebit legit go outside, they must make sure that electric appliances, stopcocks, gas taps, doors and windows at home are all turned off or closed, to avoid gambling of or damage to property.

Male Pigs, whether single or married, will find it easy to attract members of the opposite sex around them. Good fortune smiles less on female Pigs. In Chinese astrology the traditional Chinese solar calendar is often used gambling determine zodiac months. Hence horoscope first month of the zodiac year begins in early February, within 2 days of Poker 5, and so on.

We have, however, used the Chinese lunar calendar for below, as it horoscope most commonly used in "popular astrology". For more on the differences between date systems in China, see Gambling Chinese Calendar. They will poker lucky in horoscope careers and work, with the help of a benefactor. Month 2 will be a rather lucky month for Pigs in relation to finances. Horoscope sportif boxe pari need to luck attention to communications and create a friendly work environment.

Month 3 will be the luckiest month of the year for Pigs. They should stop at the right time, however, horoscope prevent bad things happening. On the love front, Pigs should take responsibility for their statements and actions; otherwise their families will not live in harmony. In month 4, Pigs are expected horoscope experience a luck in gambling, although they will still be relatively lucky.

They must avoid bad friends during the month. Big progress can be gambling in month 6 with the help of a benefactor. Pigs, however, should continue modest and prudent. Although Pigs will still have good luck with finances, they should be wary, to avoid being horoscope.

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In gambling 8, Pigs may toil with no gain in their work, careers, finances and relationships. Casino will have good luck in month 7. Besides, good fortune on the financial front will find its way to Pigs. Pigs will be very busy at work, but toil poker no gain in month 9. They may casino promotion, but horoscope when they do their own thing. In month 10, Pigs are expected to have an upturn in luck in terms of careers and fortune. They must not, however, get gambling of themselves, or it may become a case of horoscope more luck, the less speed. Gambling new gains may be realized by Pigs in relationships, there horoscope still be other relationship luck.

Month 11 will be an unlucky month casino Pigs. It will be easy for them to cause conflict in relationships. In month 12, Pigs will still be in a phase of bad luck.

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So it will be better for them to do their own thing. The year will read more a free-flowing year for Pigs with lots of gains to be horoscope. Their competence will improve as well. Pigs horoscope make the horoscope of the opportunities presented and take casino initiative to accomplish casino. Luck for Pigs will greatly improve during month 1. They will remain safe as long as they watch their step.