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This is a year of finding your real purpose in life. You were born to accomplish great things. Your talents and abilities are beginning to be noticed by the right people in places of influence. All you need to do is to believe in the benevolent force that guides and protects you. Serendipity will come knocking on your door.

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See more. Your ruler is Jupiter, your gemstones are the jacinth and lapis lazuli; and your metal is tin. You are also an intellectual, opportunistic, flirtatious, romantic, like to make plans, non-judgmental, lucky and smart, generous and just, highly optimistic, moves quickly, adventorous, athletic, full of stamina, outgoing, enthusiastic, full of fun and confidence, philosophical,curious, spiritual.

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At bad times you are impatient and difficult, self-indulgent, and uncontrollable, fast talkers, tend to hurt feelings easily. Sagittarius girls are very loving and always on the move. She is filled with energy and excitement making her spontaneous and creative just like your element fire. You are open-minded. You also love faded jeans, sweatshirts, t-shirts and jacket. Long skirts, ponchos and loose fitting jeans suit you perfectly. You rarely bother to match your clothing; however, keep control when getting dressed.

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Your colorful clothing causes smiles as you unassumingly go on your way; people expect you to be trendy. The best fabrics for Sagittarius are stretchy, knits, outdoorsy, leather, hemp, and natural fibers; avoid superfluous fabric, excessive layering. Hair : keep a good maintained look.

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Handbags : find a bag that suits your casual style. Feet : athletic shoes, casual shoes, rubber-soled shoes fondness, choose footwear based on comfort, rather than fashion, also great for you are hiking boots, sandals. Sunglasses : funky sunglasses. Hands : simple or colored and trimmed.