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Feel like you're afraid of what's around the corner? Shake off your cosmic dread by confronting change on Monday, when the Sun opposes unpredictable Uranus. It's easy to doubt yourself, as these planets work against each other — remember to have faith. A lucky transit arrives on Wednesday, helping you to strengthen bonds. Reach out to others and show your love while chatty Mercury conjuncts sensitive Venus. It's a beautiful day to make new friendships, right before the messenger planet moves in reverse.

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Adopt a patient attitude starting Thursday when communication ruler Mercury enters his second retrograde of the year. His will move in reverse through Scorpio, asking us to be extra careful with our actions and words. Sensual Venus enters Sagittarius starting Friday, encouraging us to be more flexible in our approach to love, aesthetics, and material goods. Is it time that you changed-up your look?

Today’s Aries Horoscope – Wednesday, February 27, 12222

Be adventurous with fall fashion during this spicy transit. Think of it as a milder subset of unrequited love. When talking about open relationships, the terminology can get confusing, quick.

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The weather is getting colder and the year is drawing to a close. On Tuesday, November 12, the full Frost Moon will rise in the sky. As you may already kno. Are you ready to put Queen Bey to shame? Continue to train like a pro! Aries, were are born to kiss the stars, not live a life that smells of mediocracy. Nor was it built by the hands of one person. Embrace your power as a leader and a change maker.

Balance: Your Key To Well Being

Keeping that vision board in front of you will inspire you to play a more active role in manifesting the life of your dreams. Trust that you are being supported by the right crew in your mission to grow your empire.

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  5. Everything is as it should be. Take a deep breath and be grateful for what you have in this moment—a multitude of blessings. Taurus, this is is the metaphorical calm after the storm. To take the Zen up a notch spend some time around a natural body of water such as the sea or the lake. Let the element heal you as it calms your nerves and soothes your soul.

    Love is not the same as longing. Do you believe in the potential of this romance? Partnerships of all kinds promise to challenge you today. Apply the same guidance if things get topsy turvy on the work front. If you are not in alignment with your soul purpose, now is the time to change things around. If you have already embraced that which is sacred to you, you are being asked to exercise a greater degree of commitment to your goals. Practicing daily will not only enhance your skills but also help you level up. Cancer, establish a routine and stick to it like a pro.

    Aries Weekly Horoscope Reading February 27 2017

    Cosmic tip: The commitment to practice daily and enhance your skills will help you level up. Look at the life you have created for yourself. Pay attention to the things that no longer spark joy. More importantly, be aware of the relationships that have stayed beyond their expiration date. A massive decluttering spree is on the cards for you today.

    Write them a letter. Even better, sing them a love song. Even the most skeptical Librans if there is such a thing are likely to bitten by the love bug today. Finding a pace that works for both of you is the key to a harmonious relationship. Cosmic tip: Let the path old school romance help you move closer on an emotional level. You were born to live a life of greatness, Scorpio.

    So, why dull your sparkle?