25 january 2020 lunar eclipse horoscope

A penumbral lunar eclipse will take place on 10 January It will be the first of four penumbral lunar eclipses in
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PST to A.

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PST; it will be in progress at sunrise in mid- to western North America. December 26, Annular Eclipse of the Sun. This eclipse is not visible from North America. It is visible from the Middle East, northeastern Africa, Asia except for northern and eastern Russia, northern and western Australia, Micronesia, and the Solomon Islands. January 10, Penumbral Eclipse of the Moon. This eclipse is visible from North America only in far northwestern and northeastern regions.

EST P. AKST and leave the penumbra at P. June 5, Penumbral Eclipse of the Moon. June 21, Annular Eclipse of the Sun.

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December 14, Total Eclipse of the Sun. Skip to main content. You are here Astronomy. What is an Eclipse? Solar eclipses are visible only in certain areas and require eye protection to be viewed safely. A lunar eclipse occurs when the full Moon enters the shadow of Earth, which cuts off all or part of the sunlight reflected off the Moon. Learn more about lunar terminology. An annular eclipse is a type of solar eclipse.

Annular eclipses are similar to total solar eclipses where the Sun is completely obscured by the Moon , but in an annular eclipse, the Moon's apparent size is smaller than the Sun's, meaning that the Sun is not completely obscured. A transit occurs when one celestial body passes between a larger celestial body and a third celestial body.

Your Guide to Lunar & Solar Eclipses in 12222 and How They’ll Affect Your Life

For example, when Mercury passes between the Sun and the Earth, this is called a transit of Mercury. Because Earth is the third planet from the Sun, we are able to observe transits of both Mercury and Venus. The Almanac Webcam. While Saturn can be a daunting proposition especially with Pluto alongside its position in a fellow earth sign, Capricorn, allows you to work with the powers-that-be without undue stress.

Whatever hullabaloo is going on in your private life, you can still play Steady Eddy at work. The maverick omen this month is the total lunar eclipse that comes with the full Moon, also on January If your birthday is April 20 or 21, there seems to be transformation in either area; stay alert. Most Taureans are great talkers, and whatever glitches in your schedule, whatever the obstinacy of partners and opponents under the current spell of Mercury retrograde, everything can be solved by patient negotiation, especially after December 7, when Mercury moves forward, and a powerful new Moon arrives in your zone of shared resources.

This is, indeed, a perfect time to be hunkering down with your accountant and your spreadsheet. Ruler Venus is in opposition all month; again, a signal that your one-on-one relationships, romantic and otherwise, need tender handling. You are somewhat on the back foot and mere force in your opinions and behaviour are unlikely to work. Turn on the charm beam. In terms of romance, one particular character Scorpionic in nature may return to your attention, now that Venus is completing its retrograde cycle. With any luck — actually, with quite a lot of luck — you have been able to engineer something of an enchanted life at work.

Even if you are not top dog in your profession, January and February come sweetly starred, with Mars favouring a role as team player and fixer. Stay busy, see and be seen. The big change in your stars for is the recently established presence of Jupiter in your opposite and complementary sign of Sagittarius, there right through to December. This is a particularly ambiguous transit, principally concerned with your one-on-one relationships; partners, lovers, opponents, friends. Jupiter in its role as educator can signify an important mentor coming into your life, or in its role as liberator unshackling you from a stale relationship in favour of someone with more zest for life.

Or if you can forge a true alliance of interests the chance to become a dynamic duo.

In all instances you should give due credit to the other person; acting high and mighty is unlikely to play in your favour, while Jupiter in its role as law-maker asks you to stay clear of legal entanglements. Your birthday season, when the Sun opposes Jupiter exact on June 10 brings your one-on-ones into their sharpest focus. This year, and especially this month, you also have to deal with Saturn, albeit obliquely. Two and three years back, when the ringed planet was in opposition, was a time of big decisions about property and job.

In its current position, Saturn asks questions about your financial resources and emphasises the need to be a little Scrooge-like with your capital, not least this very month, when the new Moon next to Saturn comes with a solar eclipse. The other eclipse this month arrives with the full Moon on January A total lunar eclipse in your communications zone is not the biggest deal that astrology has to offer; nonetheless, ensure that your tech infrastructure is backed up and that your phone stays firmly in your grip.

As events around the solstice full Moon may have shown, you have to be on your metal just now. With so many planets in opposition in January with Saturn glaring back at you all year , your physical energy is challenged, and weighty matters — property deals, the old folks at home, a busted relationship — a preoccupation. The important thing when handling Saturn is thoroughness and patience. Quick fixes may work in the short term, but you need a plan for the next year or two and one that you can realistically stick to in terms of available funds and energy commitment.

Creative and financial projects need steady, indeed, relentless commitment to fulfil them. Chisel away at your masterpiece bit by bit. Just to make sure you get the message comes Mars in Aries for the first six weeks of the year, ideally helping you maintain a vibrant profile in your professional life, but perhaps bringing the attentions of an unwanted hothead in the workplace.

Birthdays circa July are also handling Prometheus over the first couple of months of Since you have already been through this transit back in spring , this may men wrapping up career developments from last year, but Promethean transits have a way of springing surprises, and while Saturn favours a slow, steady approach, Prometheus works through abrupt changes.

Fancy throwing over your for an idealistic start-up? Lunations are always important to Cancerians, and the total eclipse of your Luna ruler on January 21 deserves attention. Since the Moon will be opposite that tranche of planets in Capricorn, it may also be a time of revelation. As with many other signs, one background theme for is steady, hard work. Saturn is the culprit, as ever, but unlike other signs the taskmaster planet is interrogating you indirectly, via infrastructure and routine rather than grand moves in your career. A sloppy desk and an erratic diet are the enemy — many Leos have planets in goody-goody Virgo, which is the sign you need to emulate albeit not in every respect.

The dark months of early have a joyous side. Jupiter in Sagittarius, a fellow fire sign, where the giant planet spends most of the year, is an omen to relish. The creatives among you are empowered. Children not necessarily your own and the younger generation lend you cheer. Romance is in the air, not least in January, when Venus joins Jupiter. Jupiter does not always drop good fortune in your lap, but it becomes easier to make your own good luck. January 21 is a significant date. Like every year, the Sun moves into opposition in Aquarius — only six months to your next birthday — and energy levels need nurturing.

This is the last eclipse in a series that has activated your relationship axis over the last two years or so, and, as suggested, may bring the end of a close association for some. Ending or not, your one-on-one relationships should feel less onerous in A Virgo is not quite the timid creature sometimes described by astrologers. Yes, you are dutiful and disinclined to brag there are exceptions! Bring your past efforts to resolution, gain pay-off for all that dutiful input.

The most perplexing theme of may be your love life. Saturn is all in favour of commitment and going steady, but its karmic qualities may see long term affairs come under scrutiny, especially if you have been together seven or fourteen years. Furthermore, you have the apparently endless transit of Neptune in opposition to contend with.

The distant planet arrived in Pisces in and leaves in , lingering opposite individual birthdays for months at a time; this year those of you born September. At best Neptune is enchantment, at worst deception — grade your relationships accordingly an objective opinion may help. Avoid partners and potential playmates with drug and drink issues Neptune can be dissolute.

Saturn and Neptune aside, is an agreeably mixed bag. Then there is the wayward energy of Prometheus to consider. The planet of upheaval made a brief foray into Taurus in ; from March onwards Prometheus is there for the next six years, an intriguing prospect for those of you with an international perspective August birthdays take note this year , and for introducing you to people who challenge your worldview. The total lunar eclipse of January 21 affects Virgo indirectly. Come out fighting on January , when Luna, while waning, remains potent in the skies of the Corn Maiden.

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Steady or shaky? The Scales is meant to be the sign of balance, but in you will have to work hard to maintain your famed equilibrium, whether the issue is professional, domestic or emotional.

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Or — lawks! Libra is also the sign of partnerships, of course, which is not a bad place to begin given that for the first six weeks of you have red-blooded Mars in opposition from Aries, your partnership sign.