Holiday mathis horoscope february 8 2020 (Holiday Mathis) Feb. 18). When everyone in the room is new and doesn't know what to expect, congratulations.
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The change itself won't matter. What matters is that you made one.

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Play one game, and choose which one very carefully. Hint: Pick the one where you don't have to try hard to fit in and conceal your true nature in the process. There are opportunities in this day that will never come again. All the more reason to start off by recognizing this day for the gift it is. Remember it. Enforce it. All the surplus — that's the part of the gift that feeds your soul. So it always benefits you to deliver more than the call. If you're pleasing your target audience, you can probably ignore your critics while you hone in on the feedback your people give you.

She's only 12, and yet some of my friends are telling me I should fully inform her as to the ways of the world I have shielded her from for so long. They insist that if I don't talk to her, she'll get information elsewhere. Do you think this is true?

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I'm a Pisces. It's a judgment call that only you can make. Note that the first sign of the zodiac is very different from the last sign of the zodiac. Since you are a Pisces, you may not remember being as innocent as your Aries appears to you. Yours is the sign of old souls, and Pisces are often wise beyond their years.

Learning about the world wasn't as shocking to you as it will be for your innocent Aries. Keep in mind that we like to think of Aries as the pure lamb in need of a shepherd's care, guidance and protection, whereas the Aries likes to think of herself as the firstborn who must strike out with great zeal and sometimes rebelliousness. She is growing into her warrior spirit, so give her accurate information to arm herself with!

As you follow the same steps over and over, your mind will roam to dreamy places where solutions abound. New business will come to you because you have a reputation for being practical and down to earth.

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You will methodically turn each new lead into a loyal customer. You will be improvement-oriented, and you will find ways of streamlining your daily tasks. Others will imitate your style, especially at work.

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You will bring your colleagues up to the maximum level of efficiency. You are a genius at public relations today and will present your work and life in such a light as to get exactly the response you want.

Andi asks is your Birthday February 8th...

Your most brilliant work happens when you shoot from the hip. LEO July Aug. Your heart's desire is to reach the top. Not everyone has this wish, though the ones who do will give you stiff competition. In the end, your victory will be sweet because you worked so hard for it. You have a high tolerance for discomfort and should by no means take advantage of this quality. You are as deserving of pleasure as anyone else. Indulge yourself. You may feel uncomfortable being fussed over, but that won't stop your friends from doing just that.

Be patient and graceful. Soon the attention will leave you, and you can relax. You have impressive skills, but you still need to add a few more to your arsenal in order to succeed in your chosen arena. Consider learning new software or taking a course in public speaking. You don't always feel that you fit into the conventional molds that others seem to embody so easily. You'll express your more unique and possibly unpopular views today and will be accepted anyway.

When someone says you can't do it, that's precisely when you think you absolutely must do it.

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In this context, proving someone wrong is one of the supreme pleasures of life! You have a one-track mind, though today it is not likely on the track that others want it to be on. Instead of fighting it, see what happens when you indulge your strong will to see where it will lead you. Three is the magic number for you, and you will excel in a trio of some kind. There really is a value to you in this regard that cannot be duplicated by you alone or with only one other person.

You give so much of yourself, and this year loved ones give back twofold.

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You'll make a magnificent discovery in March. April brings emotional sunshine and satisfying work. May is your chance to spread your wings. There's an unexpected windfall in July.