Compatibility gemini woman and gemini man

Gemini vs. Gemini sounds like a battle of minds, a healthy debate or a clash of ideas. When they are in a relationship, they won't separate in any possible way.
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You will maybe think that a Gemini woman is everything as a Gemini man, but there are some differences. Still, there are many similarities also. Gemini woman is a social and friendly type. This woman likes to get to know new people and goes out a lot. What is important, her head is not in the clouds, she is not pretentious. She is communicative and will give you at least some time. However, if you have the intention of involving emotions in the whole story, it takes some effort.

If she considers you crossed the line, you will see another side of her personality. She will turn into arrogant and distant. As you could conclude, intelligence is a strong side of the Gemini sign. The Gemini woman searches for someone who excites her mentally. If there is no deeper connection, all you can expect is that she will disappear. Even though Gemini woman falls in love often, she will put an emotional limit on herself. This is something like a shield in order to protect herself and her emotions. However, usually, there is no need for putting barriers. Love can happen only once, so why would you chase it away?

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She chooses to have several partners at the same time. Romance is a game and playing with only one person seems boring to the Gemini woman. There is no lot of men who can handle a partner like this. Being in a serious relationship with the Gemini woman can seem almost impossible. Everyone likes her, men and women equally.

Gemini Compatibility - Astrology Companion

Her friends like that she is always on the go. Gemini woman is tireless when we talk about social contacts. However, a ratio is always in the first place. Gemini woman will be friends with powerful people or intellectuals. Sometimes she can even pretend to be friend with someone who is in the business or has money.

Gemini Woman

This is that calculating side of the Gemini woman. She is selfish also. Compromising is okay, but only till when there is some interest for her. However, Gemini woman is not self-enough. Some kind of support is just required. Usually, the support comes from a man — father or husband. The chemistry between the Gemini man and woman is huge. They attract each other in every possible way. They can find many things in one another.

Gemini Man Gemini Woman Compatibility

They learn from each other. You know that persons who end your sentences? They have this kind of communication.

Gemini & Aquarius: Love Compatibility

It is simply beautiful to see them in the middle of the conversation. Endless laugh and positivity is the characteristic of their relation. The trust is very important for a healthy and serious relationship. Still, these two are not obsessed with trust. Who would know Gemini better than the Gemini itself? They know they are not reliable. Gemini man and woman can turn this into a bad or a good thing. Of course, it is better to look at this from the bright side. Sometimes it is the question of their nature, the other time the question of the insecurities and the need to prevent being hurt.

Hence, their relationship might seem cold.

Compatibility of Gemini Man and Gemini Woman

They agree on the intellectual level, but is it enough to marry someone? Being together requires some passion and desire also. They are in a serious issue when it comes to the romantic side of the relationship. That is the thing with the survival and improvement of the relationship.

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  6. If they get together, they will be excited at first. But, when the initial happiness goes down, they will remain with the question what are they doing together. Gemini man and woman in marriage are almost the same as in a relationship. They will keep on doing many things like when they were single. Home atmosphere is nice, but they both need some time outside. Gemini man and woman are both good, not too demanding parents.

    Gemini Man and Gemini Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

    They have that playful and childish side, that is what their children will adore. Because she is an air sign, the Gemini woman can seem to move at a quicker pace intellectually than others. She wants to be in a relationship, but as Gemini gets older, she will find herself being more discerning in choosing a partner. It is not being fickle so much as being introspective enough to know what the Gemini woman wants out of life.

    The Gemini Woman in a Relationship: A kid at heart, these type of characteristics make dating the Gemini woman an adventure for her partners. A good date for the Gemini woman may be something as simple as a picnic in the park, as long as the Gemini woman gets to talk and share her feelings.

    Gemini is the intellectual sign of the zodiac and the Gemini man loves to think things through before acting, and these characteristics make the Gemini man a little slower to act when it comes to love. The Single Gemini Man: When it comes to dating and sex, the Gemini man's smooth talking and confident nature make him an irresistible target for most women.

    The Gemini man has a zest for life and likes for his date to be as adventurous as he is. The challenge of getting a mate is what attracts the Gemini man, and his interest can wane easily. The man about town of the horoscope signs, he lives up to his air sign nature with his charm and upbeat personality.