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The expression "There's many a slip between the cup and the lip" is well-suited to your current affairs. This means that even though things are pretty much ripe, you need to remain vigilant as you cross the finish line. For the next month or so, keep your eye on the prize and don't fall asleep at the switch. You've undergone a deep metamorphosis in the last year or so.

Your values, your work, your sense of self, and your relationship dynamics have shifted in more ways than one. With what's fallen away, the sense of unknowing has left you wondering what's next.

When things shift like this, it takes time for life to replenish us. You can run around filling the void with one thing or another, but it doesn't always work. In some cases, you know enough to wait on the will of heaven. Be wary of the need to grasp at straws.

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At a major milestone, quick fixes don't go with the territory. Only you can own the fact that this is taking you to a deeper place. If the changes of the last year have made you realize how fragile life is, grab yourself by the horns and remember that everything has a limited life span, and "nothing gold can stay. What they don't tell us in school is that we get just so much time to do certain things. When the jig is up, we need to learn how to stand on the shoulders of every experience and move on from there. This is one of those times when a deeper look at yourself is in order.

I say this because whoever you thought you were, or think you are, is gone with the wind. There are moments when you are more than clear about this, and the idea that you've lived this long and still don't have the answer makes you nervous. Don't let it get to you. At times like this, what's really happening is you're getting closer to the truth. So the question is: when you hit the bottom line, where do you go from there?

Today's Birthday

The only way out is "up. There's lots of last-minute stuff adding to an already over-the-top schedule. Things would be easier if you had some help, or if others didn't keep bailing out. Your tendency to feel like it's your job to keep things together makes it hard to cope with situations where everything is nuts. Give yourself permission to ask for support if you need it.

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It might also make sense to let people have it if they're too spaced out to notice that they're expecting too much. It's OK to be less than perfect. And in case you haven't noticed, life always hits a tipping point a month before your birthday. You're in one of those phases where the next round of inspiration is nowhere in sight. When things get like this it can be depressing.

We start to wonder "Why does nothing seem to be working? The daily grind may have its good points, but when you wake up feeling empty inside, filling the void becomes an issue. This time the cure for what ails you ain't "out there.

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  • You are doing better than ever. In so many ways, your story looks absolutely wonderful.

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    As the goodness and the blessings pile up, part of you wonders when, or if, the other shoe will drop. In some cases, this trepidation centers on how to remain in control in your relationships.

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    You've got it made in many ways, but old stories haunt you with the thought that this bubble could burst at any moment. When things get like this, it's best to haul back and remember that there are only two emotions on this planet: love and fear. The message is: don't let fear overtake love and ruin your relationship. You're pretty sure of yourself. There's nothing wrong with that; it's good to be clear about your position. As the next few months unfold, that sense will be validated by external circumstances. In a few months, the long awaited dream could be in your pocket. Part of you knows this, and can feel it — but deep down inside, you're just as aware of all the things that you keep well-hidden.

    In your private moments, you wonder if those issues will spoil the party. It might be time to bring them to light because they will bring you down if you continue to let them run you from within. You've been spinning your wheels in more ways than one. The deeper part of you is dying to settle into doing things that mean something.

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