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January 8th Zodiac. As a Capricorn born on January 8th, you are well known for your social, charming and hardworking personality. Earth is your sign's paired element and in fact, of all 12 zodiac signs, you have the only cardinal relationship to the element.
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Even so, Mars in Pisces will challenge you to keep both feet on solid ground. Capricorn December 21 - January You have places to go and things to do. Mars square Saturn keeps you especially driven through mid next week. Aquarius January 20 - February Venus and Mercury in Aquarius keep you on the ball. You should find you can make good inroads with folks and that in general things work in your favour.

Tuesday onward, smarter not harder is the way to play it. Pisces February 18 - March By the end of the weekend, you should have plenty to show for yourself. On Monday, dive in fresh, dive in early. Very good. You were my server at the Green Timers pub, your name on the bill was Jenny. I was wearing a Life Topics. David Land Jan 8, at pm Very good.

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Daily Horoscope for Monday, January 8

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Include archived stories. Events that start after If you are born on January 8 or if you have someone who is born on that day, then you will certainly like this article. It could help you discover something about the traits and personal characteristics of people born on January 8 and also about their own lives.

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If you love astrology and if you think that astrology can tell you a lot about your own life, then you should continue reading this article. The astrological symbol of people born under January 8 zodiac sign is Goat, which represents simplicity, stubborness and also caring nature of these people.

ARIES (March 21 - April 20):

The element that is associated with Capricorns born on January 8 is Earth. When it comes to planets, we have to say that all Capricorns are influenced by Saturn, but people born on January 8 are also influenced by Venus. This planet will bring peace and harmony in the life of a Capricorn. Also, Venus is always related to beauty and creativity. The planets that have an influence on your zodiac sign make you be a determined and self-confident person who is able to achieve all the goals in life.

It is also important to mention that you are very honest and loyal in both friendships and relationships. More about your own traits and life you will see below in this text.

January 8 - Birthday Horoscope Personality

First we will tell you something about characteristics and personality of people born on January 8, but also about their love compatibility and career. Also, you will have the opportunity to see what are the lucky numbers, days and other symbols related to January 8 zodiac sign. At the end of this article you will have the opportunity to see a couple of historical events that happened on January 8 and also some famous people who are born on this day. If you are a Capricorn born on January 8, then you must be a very charming and sociable person.

You are also hard working and you have a lot of success at your work. People love you because you are friendly and always in a good mood. You are always full of energy and ready for any action. People admire you because you are a determined person who is able to make success in any job.

Your Daily Horoscope For January 8,

If you have a birthday on January 8, it also means that you are a prudent and ambitious person. It is also important to mention that you are a realistic person and very careful in everything you do. You always think well before you bring an important decision.

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When it comes to your friends, you love to have trustworthy and reliable people around you. It is also interesting to mention that you prefer quiet environments without too much noise. Even though most traits of people born on January 8 are positive, there is also a couple of negative characteristics and we will mention them. For example, people born under January 8 zodiac sign may be very pessimistic sometimes.

They have always too many worries even though there is no reason for them. If you are born on January 8, you may be annoyed by many things in your environment. Also, these people are taking care of their own lives and they avoid interfering too much in the lives of other people. Now you will see something about love life and love compatibility of people born under January 8 zodiac sign. Libra Sept. Scorpio Oct. Sagittarius Nov. Share This Story. The Onion Entertainment. Share Tweet.

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