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Learn the signs of the Zodiac in Spanish! coléricas = angry. Virgo Carácter conformista y crítico. Son amantes del orden y de la moderación.
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Rhoeo had been impregnated by Apollo , but when her father discovered her pregnancy, he assumed it was by a random suitor and was greatly ashamed. As punishment, he locked her in a box and threw her in a river.

After the terrible fate of their sister, Parthenos and Molpadia lived in fear of their father's terrible wrath. One evening, Staphylus left his daughters in charge of a very valuable bottle of wine.

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When they both accidentally fell asleep, one of their swine broke the bottle. Terrified of their father, the sisters fled to a nearby cliff and threw themselves off. But because of his previous relations with Rhoeo, Apollo saved his two sisters and delivered them to the safety of nearby cities in Cherronseos.

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Molpadia ended up in Castabus where she changed her name to Hemithea and was worshipped as a local goddess for many years. Parthenos settled in Bubastus where she was also worshipped as a local goddess.


According to another story, Parthenos was a daughter of Apollo who made the constellation to commemorate her death at a young age. While this is only one myth of the origin of Virgo, she is seen throughout all manner of myths. In Egyptian mythology , the time when the constellation Virgo was in the sun was the beginning of the wheat harvest, thus connecting Virgo back to the wheat grain. Virgo has the equivalent sign in Indian astrology as the Kanya which also means "maiden" , and has even been connected with the Virgin Mary.

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Teamwork would help you to meet your professional goals this year.

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Promotions and pay-hikes are also due for others. Those in the lower rungs of the corporate ladder would now be able to climb up, but beware not to burn the rungs you had climbed on.

5 Reasons Why People Born On The Leo-Virgo Cusp Are A Unique Hybrid

Love and Marriage horoscope For Virgo Virgo people would have the environment conducive for furthering their love relationships this year. The single Virgo guys would be able to find romance and love they had yearned for this in this period. Some erotic and sensual moments on the cards.

Your emotions would be under control for most of the period that your love would be stronger than ever. The single ones have the chance of meeting the love of their life this time period.

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The levels of attraction would be just great to rope in potential partners for life. Nunca has tenido tal sentimiento de claridad y serenidad.

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En vez de buscar siempre los defectos de tu pareja o amigos, recapacita sobre tu punto de vista. Es el momento de retomar viejos contactos y olvidar cualquier disputa que hayas podido tener con ellos en el pasado. Tu vida amorosa se encuentra ahora mismo atrapada entre el pasado y el futuro.