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Like a Lion in the wild, a Leo lover isn't all play and cuddles.

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Leo mimics its totem counterpart with intense enthusiasm, followed by long stretches of languid lounging around. It's nigh impossible to get Leo to do things out of obligation. If you do things for Leo, and expect a return, you could be waiting a long time. Some more practically-minded lovers might find this rude and befuddling. Leo moves with inspiration, desire or heartfelt emotion. Leo needs admirers, and those that will cheer them on to great deeds and applaud their impromptu performances.

On first dates, Leo is friendly, but standoffish. It's better to go to a spectacle, like a gathering or concerns, than corner them one-on-on. In a new friendship, Leo will put on a show, and blind you with their charm. You might not come away knowing many personal details about Leo, but will know they have an endearing, sunny personality. Like other fire signs , Leo wants to do things, have fun, not sit around chit chatting.

They want to get to know you, through "happenings. Leo takes the lead, and has a knack for knowing where the party is, or the most colorful event. Leo won't appreciate your bringing work struggles to the conversation.

Leo Sign Dates & Traits

And they don't like it when people play the victim, as a way of eliciting sympathy. Leo's presence is a gift they give to others. They'll be generous with this gift, unless they feel chronically unappreciated, then they'll shut you out. Leo and Libra are two of the most romantic of the zodiac signs, and when they get together it is nothing but chocolate and flowers. Their honeymoon stage is long, and they return to that type of love and bliss whenever they can.

These two signs hate to be too serious in their relationship though, because when they are serious the cracks in their relationship are more likely to show.

Best Matches

So while Leo and Libra are compatible in love, sometimes they are even more compatible as friends, the fun would never end. Leo and Sagittarius, both Fire signs, will have a relationship filled with fun and adventure. The two of you will be up for anything, but sometimes the two of you do need your time apart. You are both emotionally demanding and dramatic, but the two signs are quick learners and learn how to deal with and comfort each other.

The hardest thing for Sagittarius to learn is to praise Leo more than they normally would praise another, Leo needs reassurance and someone to boost her confidence.

Leo Compatibility - Astrology Companion

The two of you share many of the same principles when it comes to what is important in life and relationships. This pairing is just not a match, simple as that! For starters, the two of you can be so similar that there is just no getting past it. Both are fierce, hot-headed, egotistical and showy, but in each of your minds there can only be one star and you are it.

The Lion in Relationships

If you still want to give it a go, though, be prepared for the bad days. Shouting, low-blows, drama galore, nothing is off-limits when the two of you fight.

Cancer & Leo: Love Compatibility

Good luck In many ways, the two of you are complete opposites, and opposites do not always attract so seamlessly. Scorpio likes to keep a low profile while Leo seeks out the spotlight, and this becomes a big problem when Leo flocks to friends to discuss relationships while Scorpio wants to keep all of that between the two of them. Both of you have an intense drive and will work harder than most people to get what you want, and the two of you will never fight over the spotlight.

Your relationship is full of many misunderstandings and tons of differences. Leo is ready to attack life head on while Capricorn likes to think out and plan their path, this difference alone will drive the two of you insane. Remember that attraction we mentioned? Well, there is a chance that this attraction can be completely and solely physical, the issue is, Leo will more than likely ending up falling for Capricorn easily.

A relationship between Leo and Capricorn is going to take a lot of patience, a lot of hard work, and might just result in a lot of disappointment. In any relationship, Leo needs a lot of attention. It can definitely feel like a job sometimes, being in a relationship with Leo.

She needs constant reassurance that you still like her — and in reality, it can be emotional or physical reassurance. But the really good thing about being in a relationship with Leo is that anything that she expects out of a relationship, she will absolutely be giving back in return. Leo is one of the most loving, generous, romantic and passionate of all the signs. Also known as the Lion, Leo is full of pride and will parade your relationship around for everyone to be envious of, and she will protect you and stick by you through the thick and thin of your relationship.

The ups and downs will definitely be extreme, but Leo will do just about anything to make the relationship as amazing as it can be. There is no wrong place to look for love when you are a Leo!

You will naturally draw eyes to you with the way you carry yourself, and how genuine a person you are even from a distance. Head to the gym or visit your local coffee shop and let the magic happen! Careful though, with all that easy love is bound to come with a little heartbreak, too. Look around you and take notice of how many people are taking notice of you. It can be super intimidating for someone to approach you.

Leo & Taurus

So meet them halfway, or go all the way there. There is nothing wrong with making the first move.