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LA — the great lion. The ancient Egyptians had great respect for the constellation of Leo, because the Sun shone in front of it at the time of annual flooding of the river Nile. This constellation has one star of the first magnitude, one of the four Royal stars, the guardian of the North — Regulus.

This constellation actually resembles a lion and the brightness of Regulus with the fact that the Big Dipper points to it make it easy for us to find Leo in the night sky. Leo is connected to the first of twelve labors of the Greek hero Hercules, in which he had to kill the notorious Nemean Lion. The Lion lived in a cave in Nemea and terrorized the people who lived there. There was no way to defeat him because of the impenetrable skin that could not be punctured by iron, bronze or stone. When the lion entered his cave to hide, Heracles started a search for it.

He needed two months to find it in that cave and finally strangled it, using its own claws to get its skin. The second myth written in the constellation of Leo is the myth of a tragic love affair between Pyramus and Thisbe. When they arranged a secret meeting, Thisbe arrived to the meeting point first and saw a lioness with mouth bloody from her recent kill. She runs off scared and leaves her veil behind. This veil is later found by Pyramus, who kills himself thinking that the lioness killed Thisbe.

She then returns to find him dead and stabs herself with the same sword. Leo is ruled by the Sun it is fixed, fiery, masculine sign, governs the heart, back, spine, and the fifth house of the horoscope. Its characteristics are self-consciousness, courage, desire for dominance and self-realization, egocentrism, vitality and creativity.

It symbolizes achievement of self-consciousness, building of personality, achievement of goals, and triumph of self-realization.

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Leo people enjoy work that gives them scope for their creativity, their organizing ability, or for self-exploitation. At their best, Leo are affectionate, cheerful, optimistic people who can be counted on to bring sunshine into other people's lives. They are exceptionally generous. They have a pronounced flair for drama and enjoy telling stories and jokes at parties. Leos love to have a good time.

The theater, arts, and sports are of special interest to them. Leos like to visualize broad schemes, even if they know they can't possibly afford them or that their ideas are not practical. Their leadership potential is hindered because of their dislike for paper work. They have vitality and good health, with strong recuperative powers.

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They are seldom depressed, but when they are, they are devastated. Fortunately, their resilient powers are excellent, so they are soon sunny and happy again.

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There is a need for them to receive attention, praise, and recognition from their fellowman. Their most frustrating trait is that they have closed minds. They cling to their opinions stubbornly and cannot be appealed to either emotionally or with reason. Any new idea must be mulled over privately. Then, they consider the pros and cons until they reach a conclusion.

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  8. Leo like all other zodiac signs, contains three Nakshatra or lunar mansion, which are Magha Nakshatra , Purva Phalguni Nakshatra and one forth of the Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra. Self-expression, need for personal development. This is where you are on target and developing your powers and their various energy patterns, and thereby achieving your "giveaway" and touching others with your beauty. Nurture the seeds of genuine warmth and love for all.

    Animals: Lion, All felines, especially the cats. Leo rules just one organ, but it is the most important one-the heart. Nearly all forms of heart ailments fall under Leo. It is also responsible for back ailments of many varieties.


    Planets afflicted in Leo can cause heart and back problems as well as fever of an acute origin. There was a transition as the Sun gods took over the symbolism that was once associated with the goddess, leading to a confusing period of mythological development called solarisation :. There are many myths that feature a hero wrestling a lion.

    Gilgamesh killed Humbaba, a lion-headed monster, while Samson killed a lion with his superhuman strength, copying Hercules who did the same. The Hercules story is relevant here because, according to the ancient Greeks, this was how the Leo constellation came to be in the sky. The story goes that a mythical beast was terrorising the Nemean countryside — the so-called Nemean Lion.

    As part of his twelve labours, Hercules took the beast on and quickly discovered that no weapon would pierce its skin. It was practically impossible to kill, so Hercules had to use brute force to throttle it with his bare hands. After killing the beast, he made a cloak and helmet from its hide.

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    The Nemean Lion represents the shadow side of Leo: the raw instinct and primitive drives of a child. The story symbolises overcoming the fears and instincts of your lower nature by becoming heart-centred. It takes willpower and courage to choose to become conscious. Aries, Taurus, and Cancer all have myths about battling monsters of various types that represent the instincts that need to be tamed before you can have a self-contained ego. Rather than killing the lion, like Hercules, you can harness the power of your instincts and channel them into something positive — as seen in the Strength tarot card.

    This process of conquering the instincts and gaining mastery over your lower nature is associated with ideas of kingship and sovereignty. You need self-knowledge and self-mastery over your emotions. In order to become yourself and gain sovereignty over your life, you have to undergo an alchemical transformation. You have to transform them into something more, like turning lead into gold.

    Leo: About This Zodiac Sign

    Self-expression is more than just venting and demanding that people listen. This quest is a search for meaning and plays out in myths through stories about heroes and their fathers, or Kings and their sons. Perceval has a vision of a castle and a wounded king and a ritual involving the Grail. He failed to ask the right question, the question that would restore the king to health. So he wanders in the woods, searching for the Grail Castle of his vision, determined to get it right next time. After many adventures and suffering and hard lessons, Perceval finally finds himself back at the castle.

    This time, he asks the question:. To search for the Grail is to search for your true centre, symbolised by the ruler of Leo, the Sun — the giver of life and source of inner illumination and creativity. Individuation is about transcending the ego and learning to serve a deeper Reality. He lacks maturity and has no capacity for self-reflection. He has no relationship to his inner sun — the Self.

    The connection between the Leo myth and the Leo zodiac sign

    The Self is beyond the ego, beyond the personal, and touches the infinite. To live from this centre is to have a sense of the meaning of your life, to ask questions and not live blindly. To be conscious and Awake. The king in the story is wounded because he has lost that sense of meaning. When Perceval asks the question, it enables the king to become aware of his suffering and this enables him to heal. The Greek sun god, Apollo , also symbolises the search for self-knowledge. The sun shines its light into the psyche and through its illumination you can come to know yourself.