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Energy and focus are strong in a person born on March 18th, and their battle is to be fought until they realize where their convictions should take them.
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You can open the windows and feel the sun on your skin. Your desire has grown stronger than your doubt, your ambition brighter than your fear. This week, it might seem more difficult than usual to think ahead, to make your plans, to lay a careful groundwork for yourself.

Instead, practice listening to them. What would happen if you let them guide you? What would happen if you tried, just for this week, to live with no fear at all?

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This is a week for doing what you can to get unstuck again. All the freedom and joy that you need are out there, somewhere. The world needs so much from you, after all, and your energy is finite. This week, though, some of those other issues might recede for a moment, and if they do, it will be time to face the hard questions.

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Your Weekly Horoscope: Prepare for ALL the Feels (and Some Other Stuff)

Log in or link your magazine subscription. If you are born on March 18, you have an inborn sense of idealism regarding matters of emotion.

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You really hold yourself to a high ideal and this is reflected in how you treat people. You treat people with the utmost respect. You make them feel good. It is no surprise that a lot of them reciprocate this. In fact, you tend to develop a very loyal following, because you make people feel good, not just about themselves, but the world they live in. People born on March 18 have a natural talent for bringing out the best in people. When you come along, you open their eyes to another possibility that there are great people out there.

There are people who are willing to help without expecting anything in return. To say that you are rare, would be an understatement indeed. Still, if there is only one of you for every one thousand people, this world would be a much better place. In fact, for the most part, you are the best thing that happened to your friends and romantic partners. Your negative traits involve you. Do yourself a favor, and take care of basic things first.

Your Weekly Horoscope: Prepare for ALL the Feels (and Some Other Stuff) |

Water is the paired element of all Pisces people. You have a way of nurturing people with emotional water. You give them a drive. You are able to excite them when they are feeling down and depressed. As a Pisces born on March 18, Neptune is your ruler and this is incredible good news and incredibly bad news. First, the good news.

You are able to project a nurturing and cultivating aura that makes people feel hopeful and optimistic about themselves and the world. You are your own worst critique. But stay clear-headed as the supermoon approaches with a focus on relationships—past issues may be rising to the surface.

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ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

Prepare to feel bold and confident this week, as fiery Mars aligns with changing Pluto. Clearing away this emotional baggage should help you embrace that fire the passion that Mars presents. That same day, the full moon highlights your lifestyle and routine.

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