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Gemini weekly horoscope for Monday, December 2 on love, relationships, money​, career and more. At Astrology King, your weekly Gemini Tarot card comes.
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But, we all change and we all have that right to, because as we discover more about things we may decide to change our opinion or standpoint, which is what has happened here. The Knight of Wands urges you to make a move this week, and speak your mind. Take the risk of being open and transparent about your beliefs, and engage in the discussion. The Lovers is the tarot card which represents Gemini- specifically your duality and multiple personalities!

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So, this side of you or one of them, anyway, lol is definitely at large this week. What are you conflicted about? What have you been in two minds over?

Where does your head say something different to your heart? The Chariot is all about journeys, location changes, travel and transport, so anything related to these themes in in scope this week.

What journey do you yearn to go on? I get it.

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But this one IS worth salvaging, as shown by the Six of Cups. You miss them.

Taurus (April 20- May 20)

They miss you. The Ace of Coins reveals it may not happen overnight… but something WILL happen, or change, or emerge- giving you that first little foot in the door.

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Let them help you! Success is so, so close right now- reach out and touch it.

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The King of Cups hints this is an emotional journey, and one which you come out on top of, in that you come to understand and therefore better control your feelings. You like a challenge, you thrive on rivalry sometimes. The World is all about achievement, self- actualisation and completion as well as literal travel and movement , the Nine of Cups represents a wish-come-true, and the Six of Wands is a victory card, promising success and fulfilment.

Be prepared for a wonderful week, believe that anything is possible, be led by your very best hopes!

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How deep can you go? Better question, how vulnerable are you willing to get to deepen a special connection? Where are you holding back, and WHY are you doing so? But you need to make the first move. This electrifying transit can help you master the art of drawing the right people and situations into your life.

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Jupiter rules growth, expansion and exploration, which can support couples in opening up more, sharing secrets and fantasies, and feeling safe doing so! One thing to watch for is jealousy and obsessiveness.

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This comes part and parcel with a deep dive through the erotic and metaphysical eighth house and is why mindful self-reflection is key!