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by Oscar Cainer. Taurus, Saturday, 5 October
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Get yours now! The year ahead finds you dealing with situations that other people are struggling to cope with. Uranus brings change. So when the planet of innovation moves into your sign in March, it brings such a spark of brightness that others will seek your advice. As long as the policies you pursue are forward thinking and contain elements of reform, you'll benefit from the support offered by Saturn - the cosmic teacher.

Jonathan Cainer was the Daily Mail's astrologer for 20 years until his death | Daily Mail Online

Finally, the Transit of Mercury brings the chance to rethink any work-related partnerships. The more you're willing to share, the more you will receive. The build-up to November's rare Transit of Mercury in your opposite sign permeates your year, bringing opportunities for healing misunderstandings and past hurts. A new appreciation will dramatically improve your current and future relationships.

With revolutionary Uranus' move into your sign in March, you'll find the confidence to embrace change and be freed from a burden you've been carrying.

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