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Join our mailing list to receive the latest news, specials, discounts, events and general updates from our team. Reviews 0 Reviews There are no reviews yet. Related products. You might be in a situation where you don't feel that things are ready to come out in the open, or perhaps you sense someone needs to share some news with you but they aren't right now. Find a different way to break the ice. Perhaps playing a game of 21 Questions or Never did I ever will bring things to the surface.

People in your family mean the world to you and things have been so busy lately. Who has time to talk about feelings?

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope July

Someone may actually need more one-on-one time with you than you realized. Perhaps this could be a child, a friend, or a lover. Be sure to make a little more time to sit and be together even if there's nothing serious spoken about.

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  • Just show your love. There's something in the heart of someone close to you but they will need a little nudging to open up. You often know the right words to say and the way to make a problem seem easier to solve than is felt.

    Moon In 10th House Gemini Ascendant

    When you want to share your feelings a part of you struggles with how you will be perceived after the feelings are out in the open. There could be a wedge between you and someone you care about that keeps you from opening up the way that you like. Take your time and perhaps put your thoughts down on paper or in a journal so you can process them safely. You have no problem opening up or getting others to open up with you, although there are times when you feel that you have shared more than you'd like. Use your better judgment when speaking to others today as you might be inclined to feeling extra vulnerable.

    There are times when sensitive conversations are uncomfortable and it's easier to spend time together doing something fun or relaxing rather than talking too deeply. You can adapt your conversations to fit the needs of you and the people you love. Just pay attention in case you sense that someone is trying to open up but unsure as to how.

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    You have a way with people that makes them naturally open up to you, but you sometimes have trouble slowing down to give your full attention. Our free horoscopes contains personal, love, health and career horoscope.

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    • Astrology altogether and work only with the esoteric rulerships. People born on 2 seriesdates like 2, 11, etc. Thanks again carol for taking the time to respond to me and for your wonderful insights.

      Leo September 2014 Monthly Astrology Horoscope by Nadiya Shah

      There can be work or involvement with hospitals, institutions, and prisons. Add to favourites 14 fans remove from favourites 14 fans affinity with leo virgo cusp love compatibility profiles. These two can have a successful relationship just by fighting and making up.