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When interpreting secondary progressions, we compare the positions of the planets and other horoscope factors for a particular time after birth with their.
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These duties can be more imagined than real, but they often are very intense. One measure of the mastery of life is to be able to recognize reality, and this is a good time to begin to disseminate. What you accomplish under this progression could be of lasting benefit when you follow the illumination of the Sun and the discipline of Saturn. This is an excellent time for organization and planning, to promote form and order. Your energy may be low, so you will need to conserve it by careful planning and doing only what is necessary.

You will feel pressure from any necessary tasks you leave undone during this period. Get to work—that is what this energy is all about.


In fact, you are both, and you can carry it off with ease. Your ability to separate the inconsequential from the quintessential allows you to do more with less and not even notice it.

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Economy of motion makes every move count. Cutting corners will not get you where you want to go, so be a little more generous with yourself than you might think you should be. Avoid hasty decisions and collect possibilities and weigh them before making final commitments, however tempting spur-of-the-moment opportunities may seem. Let things gel and crystallize, before you sign.

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Progressed Sun sextile or trine Neptune Feeling your way may get you there faster than following the directions on a map. Progressed Sun square or opposition Neptune Periodic shifts of internal direction are marking inner visions that need to grow to regulation size before you pull them up into your net. Savor uncertainty like you would sip a new wine. This aspect indicates intense experiences which will not allow you to operate only at the surface level. In the Progressed chart, it can set the stage for major changes in your life that would have long-lasting effects.

You will get deeply involved in whatever you do now, as Pluto works from deep within your psyche. Progressed Sun conjunct North Node of the Moon From the Your Evolving Personality report : This configuration in the Progressed chart can create conditions which will limit your leadership and power potential. You are not swept along by events, and there-in lies your opportunity to turn the aspect to your benefit. Apparent set-backs are from former karma when you pursued your own selfish desires above all other considerations.

Now is the opportunity for balance, and to use the laws of cause and effect to clean up your act. Progressed Sun conjunct South Node of the Moon From the Your Evolving Personality report : This configuration in the Progressed Chart can indicate that major circumstances in your environment could deny you opportunities and inhibit your resources for self-expression. Obstacles could be thrown in your path, making achievement of your desires difficult now, especially limiting your leadership and power potential.

The karma here, is that you learn what it is like to be thwarted by the actions of others. Progressed Mercury conjunct Ascendant Your ability and inclination to express yourself in person are way up, and you can make your case clearly and convincingly anytime and anywhere you show up. Progressed Mercury sextile or trine Ascendant The way you are handling the subjects you have your head on right now also makes you look better, younger, and more invigorated in person. What you are thinking shows on your face, and your personal presence furthers your plans.

Your ability to communicate is heightened by your body language and the nuances of your facial expressions. Progressed Mercury square or opposition Ascendant Your mind may be less on your personal appearance and more on other seemingly more important things, but do not neglect the way you look or the image you project in person. Progressed Mercury conjunct Sun You can spin your personal yarn in ways you never thought possible, and you can state your intentions with a will and without hesitation.

Standing back from personal issues may take a couple of tries. An easy contact between head and heart allows you to get on with what you want to be without spending too much time figuring it out or making excuses for it. What you mean is what you say, so be short and sweet. Progressed Mercury conjunct Moon Any blockages connected with expressing your feelings just plain disappear at this time in your life. Home and family are the focus for much thought and planning, and are apt to be abuzz with activity.

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Young people play a bigger role than usual now — teaching may be a part of this. Generally a favorable time for real estate transactions, all else being equal.

A very active and busy period, involving a variety of interests that will make it difficult to concentrate on one particular subject. People, phone calls, and correspondence will make inroads on your time and result in wasted energy, unless you stand firm on your priorities. This can be a highly productive time for buying and selling, writing, studying, attending lectures, seminars, or speaking at conventions. Advance business interests and negotiate contracts. Changes may require adjustments to new routines. Take time out to visit brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and other close relatives. Accept new friends into your social circle, and do a bit of traveling.

Take advantage of this trend by seeking intellectual pursuits for mental improvement. Your reactions are clearer and the absence of crossed wires enables you to concentrate on more important things. If you find yourself becoming tongue-tied, remember there are other uses for your tongue. In fact, you can list it all chapter and verse, so go ahead and do so, so you can collect later.

Your eye for beauty and balance is particularly clear, and your ability to put abstract design into concrete form is something you can cash in on if you choose to. Progressed Mercury sextile or trine Venus Planning the road to satisfaction becomes ever easier, as what the eye envisions is just naturally what pleases without a second thought.

Smooth words and warming thoughts make you both supportive and supported, as what you see is what you like, and what you like is all around you to be plucked when you choose. A time to make proposals and pitches if ever there was one! You can make others want what you want, if you apply yourself — and if you really listen to them. Business and financial opportunities abound if you keep informed and stay on top of news about money matters.

Progressed Mercury square Venus You can talk about what you want all day and still have difficulty putting your finger on it, so action may speak louder than words in achieving your goals. Proffering or taking advice can get in the way of just giving and receiving. Progressed Mercury conjunct Mars The increased ability to plan and choose your actions means you can both extend your effectiveness and conserve your energies.

Thoughtful maneuvers make others take up your cause and pitch in to help, allowing you to fit in and use the momentum to your advantage. Having a detailed snapshot of your successes now will help you out when you need to apply them to challenges down the road. You have a way of stirring people with words now and of getting fired up by the eloquence of others, as well. Progressed Mercury square Mars Figuring out ways around obstacles that prevent you from doing what you want and getting where you want to be has a way of keeping your mental gears turning at this time in your life.

There appears to be a high degree of increased nervous stimulation coupled with an overactive mentality. You can fly off the handle in a burst of temper to innocent remarks made by others. This is not the best time for making important decisions, signing documents, or traveling. Use caution with personal and business affairs to avoid fraudulent circumstances. Make sure the brakes and other mechanical parts of your car are in good shape to avoid the possibility of accidents, and drive defensively. Disagreements can turn ugly if you lose control. Cooperation, compromise, and patience will be required to avoid serious disputes and quarrels.

You are likely to be confronted by business and professional relationships that will disagree with your ideas or suggestions. Losing your temper is not the answer; it will only lead to further conflicts and difficulties. You may be lacking in good judgment during this trend and should therefore avoid signing important papers or negotiating contracts.

Be careful of what you say and what you write at all times. You can open yourself to threat of litigation through careless remarks. Your aggravated manner can drive friends and loved ones away from you.

Impulsive and hasty actions can lead to traffic and industrial accidents. Use caution in all mental and physical activities. You can get your head around challenging concepts that may have been waiting in the wings for your go-ahead.