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Cafe Astrology offers the meanings of numbers in numerology. Simple tool to You can use the simple calculator below to determine your Birth Date Number.
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Fours represent law, order, security, and stability. They prefer conventional routine with a focused state of mind.

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They develop a practical nature through self discipline and concentration. On the positive side they are tenacious and loyal. On the negative side they are stubborn, confrontational, and a workaholic. Fours are masters of management with a well built sense of order. The writer and communicator who values freedom. Fives represent versatility, resourcefulness, and adaptability.

They are the energy and movement between the five elements earth, air, fire, water, and ether.

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They possess an irresistible magnetism to the opposite sex. On the positive side they are curious and intellectual. On the negative side they are selfish, impatient, and irresponsible. Fives are action oriented with ambitious plans. The healer and lover who values teaching. Sixes represent compassion, counseling, and social responsibility. They love service and a life filled with important activities.

They desire harmony in all things and always have look to make an impact.

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On the positive side they are nurturing and attractive. On the negative side they are obsessive, outspoken, and self righteous. Sixes are artistic with a desire for balance. The mediator and investigator who values the metaphysical. Sevens represent analytical, philosophical, and mystical. They love solitude and have high moral values.

They want to understand the mystery behind existence and are always full of questions. They are clever and respectful. On the positive side they are analytical and strategic.

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On the negative side they are distant, sarcastic, and reserved. Sevens are charismatic truth seekers. The manager and supervisor who values power.

What's a Life-Path Number?

Eights represent financial rewards, good judgement, and recognition. They love control and have quite the robust personality.

They are a constant for the universe. On the positive side they are driven and generous.

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On the negative side they are aggressive, dictator, and extreme. Eights are materialistic and strive for success. The sibling and people person who values humanitarianism. Nines represent selflessness, compassion, and patience. They love happy endings and are purposeful in their pursuit of a result. They contain forces of all the other numbers and have a certain spiritual intuition.

On the positive side they are compassionate and non judgmental. On the negative side they are defensive, careless, and emotional. Nines are sympathetic, altruistic givers. The wheel of fortune. Ten represents honor, faith, and self confidence. Their plans are likely to be carried out. This can be a fruitful number with positive backing of their ventures. The clenched hand. Eleven is ominous to occultists and is a warning of hidden dangers or treachery from others.

This is considered a master number. They are powerful and have potent, creative ideas. The victim. Twelve takes too much too seriously and therefore experience an anxiety of the mind.

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They have deeply rooted concerns for the less fortunate. The power. Thirteen indicates a change of plans and place.

Birthday Number 29

It is not always unlucky, but if used wrongly can wreak self destruction. This number usually signifies a fresh start. The lucky money. Fourteen has a lot of movement that can result in fortunate dealings with money. Unfortunately, there is also a strong element of risk and danger attached, especially dependent on fool hardy actions. This is an entrepreneurial number with moderate confidence. The lucky gift receiver. Fifteen has occult significance with magic and mystery. Usually means the person represented by it will use every art of magic they can to carry out their purpose.

This number has charismatic leadership that is well respected. The cautious. They will create a great empire that eventually falls into obscurity. The spiritual. Seventeen has the ability to rise superior in spirit to the trials and difficulties faced in life or career.

This number holds a will and desire to overcome obstacles. As long as they remain humble, they will see fame. The materialistic. Eighteen is generally associated with bitter quarrels and warnings of treachery. They experience ill will and corruption due to greed. The fortunate. Nineteen is usually regarded as fortunate and extremely favorable.

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This number experiences bright success and good progress. The judgement number. Twenty is the awakening with a call to action for great purpose, cause, or duty. The successful. Twenty one is a number of advancement and elevation in life. Applying true grit will result in the due promotion to a higher position. The warning. Also a master number, this one will be on the rise but as they goes become crooked. The receiver of help.

Twenty three has the promise of success because they get help from their superiors. This number has an aptitude to draw the right sort of people around. The favorable. Twenty four gains through love and affection from family and friends. This is an energetic number that does things today with tireless focus. The strong. Twenty five gains strength through experience.