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I am Capricorn, My Lover is Capricorn Capricorns can go into overdrive with responsibilities, for work goes directly to their hearts and Try Another Match.
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They will enjoy your freewheeling thinking, though especially because it is so alien to them and your experimental approach to life. Capricorns are basically more materialistic than Aquarius, but this could be helpful to you, since your partner will have the patience to set up your retirement portfolio and make it grow.

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If your situation is such that the Capricorn depends on you to support him or her for a period of time say, after your children are born , you could experience the most difficulty; your Capricorn is ambitious and will want to see progress in your career, both in status and salary. You are not entirely self-oriented — your role is to work for the good of the organization — and your plans tend to be long-term. Your lover may have to learn to live without immediate gratification from your career.

Sexually, earth signs like Capricorn are sensual and tactile.

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You are less so, so you will either get with the program or hear some complaints. Still, I think you will find ways to satisfy your partner, because you receive information and feedback so well.

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Aquarius is the sign of the objective scientist who draws up a hypothesis and then observes carefully, taking in data and finding out if the thesis can be proven. This approach may be too cool for Capricorn, who aches for you to show more animal passion!

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We are all more than our Sun sign — the stars suggest, but do not dictate, how we act. Love and understanding can override most problems, so know where the difficulties are not always an easy task and face them head-on. Use your magical power of communication, Aquarius. You bet! This relationship should hit the very top of the charts! First and foremost, your Capricorn lover inspires you. The Goat will never be content to graze in the valley. This is where he or she is meant to be.

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Capricorns are very hard workers, determined to succeed and willing to undergo considerable hardships to get to the top. Like Taurus, they are excellent at finances, reliable, steadfast and true. Both of you need social approval, and neither of you is likely to become a radical insurgent and embarrass the other.

Life together will be unusually harmonious. Capricorns have a fabulous sense of humor, perhaps because Saturn the planet of seriousness, rules this sign.

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It has been said the funniest jokes always hit a sensitive chord. Saturn makes Capricorns earnest, but also makes this sign able to poke some fun at themselves too, to offer a little perspective. You can afford to lighten up a little, Taurus, so your Goat will be good for you. Despite their humorous side, Capricorns often expect sorrow to follow happiness, particularly in love.

Again, this is Saturn speaking. More difficult will be the celibate periods you two endure while Capricorn is working late and wiped out by the time he or she returns home to you.

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When you do finally get back to each other, though, your chemistry together will run hot and cold. The reason? Your Sun signs are at odds with one another, setting up challenging signals you will have to try and overcome. Still, give this relationship a try.

You both want a warm and loving home and family life, and this is a dream you are likely to see come true. If your Capricorn is the family provider, he or she will not let you down: Capricorns take responsibility very, very seriously — a reassuring thought. All in all, if you love your Capricorn, you can make things work. Everything will depend on you.