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It's a blessing to receive this happy aspect three times in one year because it involves both the luckiest planet of all, Jupiter currently in Capricorn , and Neptune, the planet of wishes currently in Pisces. This combination of energies can result in dream fulfillment in your professional world and encourages a great amount of positivity and personal growth. The more creativity you apply to your job near these sextiles, the more you'll achieve. From March 21 - July 1, , Saturn will dip into Aquarius, giving you a preview of what its energy will be like once this transit starts full-time in December Saturn will be back in Capricorn again from July 1 - December Saturn's transit through Aquarius is a time to step outside the confines of your own little world and realize that you are one small part of a much bigger group called "humanity.

Civil rights become a hot issue and politics and government take a more progressive direction.

Lunar Eclipse Local Timings

During , opportunistic Jupiter will meet up in the sky with transformative Pluto three times, infusing your passions with tons of positive energy. Both of these planets are in ambitious Capricorn during these conjunctions, which directs their energy toward your career and personal goals.

Jupiter is the most beneficial planet in the cosmos and its rare hookups with Pluto offer luck and opportunity when you pursue your goals seriously. The classic scenario of Venus Retrograde is that an ex-lover will resurface in your life, offering you a second chance at a relationship or a sense of closure you missed out on in the past. Or perhaps you'll be faced with the conundrum of keeping a current relationship intact while weighing your options with a previous lover.

Either way, love is confusing with Venus Retrograde in Gemini, and your heart may feel more scattered than stable. The trouble with this penumbral Lunar Eclipse, happening on the Sagittarius-Gemini axis, is that it happens smack-dab in the middle of Venus Retrograde, which is happening in Gemini. That means this Lunar Eclipse will oppose Venus Retrograde, and the truth must finally be revealed. If you've been keeping a certain love or money matter from your past to yourself, or you've even been lying to yourself about this past experience, this Lunar Eclipse signals a time to come clean.

It will be easier to communicate the truth under this energy. No more procrastinating -- it's time to clear the air. Some Mercury Retrogrades happen across two signs, but this entire retrograde is happening in Cancer, directing Mercury's mishaps solely at Cancerian areas of life: family, home, comfort, security Miscommunications with your domestic partner or relatives could rattle your home life, or a series of appliance breakdowns and home repairs could have you frustrated or even temporarily displaced. If something needs fixing, get to it early instead of waiting until it becomes a headache.

Most of last year's eclipses happened on the Cancer-Capricorn axis, and now, two final eclipses happen on this axis that pits your family against your professional ambitions. Cancer is all about nurturing your domestic life, while Capricorn is about pursuing professional goals -- if there's a major imbalance between these two areas in your life, this annular eclipse will be sure to point it out for you.

It's likely your work life has taken over and your family has something to say about it -- and with Mercury turning retrograde in Cancer just two days before this eclipse, this conversation may not go too smoothly! Your loved ones need assurance now. This is the last eclipse that will happen on the Cancer-Capricorn axis until Now, at the end of a series of eclipses revealing the push-pull between your family versus your career, this culminating penumbral eclipse urges you to reflect on the long-held goals you have for yourself, and consider if they really mean anything to you anymore.

Between this Lunar Eclipse and the Solar Eclipse in Cancer just a few weeks before, it's likely you'll find your priorities have shifted and there are other goals or aspects of life that are more meaningful to you now.

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Mars only goes through a retrograde period once every two years. Mars Retrograde gives you an opportunity to recuperate and refocus your energy so you're spending it on what matters most and what will make the biggest impact in your life. It's like a timeout, when you aren't able to do as much as you may want to, but you get time to re-energize so you can really hit the ground running once Mars turns direct.

This Mars Retrograde could feel especially frustrating, because it's happening in Mars' home sign of Aries. Aries is a very active sign and doesn't take kindly to being told to slow down. Realize it's not about stopping entirely, it's about taking time to regroup. The final Mercury Retrograde of starts in secretive Scorpio but shifts back into Libra on October 27, changing the energy of the retrograde halfway through. While Mercury is backtracking through Scorpio, you may find it hard to connect with others beyond a surface level. Every time you try to talk about something deeper or more meaningful, everything gets confused and you find yourself retreating back to the surface.

It's difficult to develop intimacy during this time, and it doesn't get much better once Mercury retrogrades into Libra -- your attempts to show love or make things cooperative and easy could backfire, creating surprising confusion or hurt feelings. Be very careful with how you communicate with your loved ones during this retrograde -- actions will speak louder and clearer than words now.

You could find yourself exploring what it means to fall in love or perhaps learn to love yourself in a new way. Taurus, this week, hard work pays off but you won't be going through things alone.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses in Astrology: Cosmic Change Agents

You will be connected with partners and team building. There could even be changes in your home where you start to see an improvement in relationships that mean the most to you. Gemini, this week, be ready for some interesting revelations.

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You may find that you have more talent that even you imagined you had. Your sense of exploration and adventure increases, but this time in a productive way.

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You also could be invited on some travel or study abroad. If you've been looking for love, you may find it outside of your home base and a long-distance relationship shows the way. Cancer, don't be too surprised if the same people who seemed to not even noticed all your love and concern suddenly appear to be more appreciative and even genuinely thankful. You may find that you are given tokens of appreciation that touch your heart in all sorts of ways. Leo, it's been a long time coming, but this week your heart opens the door just a little bit more.

People often don't realize just how sensitive you are beneath what others see as 'ego', but truly you love deeply. Virgo, of course, what would life be without you setting things into order. This week, what comes together seamlessly is your mindset. You finally have the chance to see things eye-to-eye with others, especially family. Your homemaking skills and how you're able to make spaces nurturing and comfortable really shine. Even your appearance and energy will communicate comfort and security to others that eases the tension wherever you are.

Libra, this week, be prepared to get a heart full.

Saturn Pluto Conjunction 2020: Overview and sign-by-sign

Passion projects, love interests, the list goes on and on. With Venus and Mercury in Pisces, your inner child gets a happy dose of new life and vitality. There's hope in areas where you thought had closed and even if you're in a long-term relationship, you could fall in love all over again in a new way with the same person.

Scorpio, financial areas can improve for you this month, and this isn't about the love of money but more so the freedom to do what you love or want to do with the money that you have. If you've been meaning to update an existing wardrobe or getting a beauty makeover, sales shopping may be a great way to spend your time. Why not visit a few local boutiques and skim the sales rack just to see what catches your eye. Sagittarius, loves ones will be more near and dear, and you'll want to show your care and appreciation in new ways.

You may find that spending time together, going through photo albums or even organizing memorabilia will bring back memories and help you to create new meaningful ones. Although, this experience will be reserved for those who truly know you, you may be open to exploring new love in the upcoming week.

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Capricorn, this season has been a time of business and career building and the support from others, including family and friends will continue. You may find that people are more generous with their time, energy and resources. Spending time with family members and learning how to accept others where they are will be experiences all around. Aquarius, it's been stated before, but it's worth repeating, this year looks bright up ahead.

During this last week, the foundation of inner love and courage deepens to help make this year a positive and fruitful one for you. You've always lived life with a sense of awe and adventure, but now there's even more to experience when you are sure of what you want and what you need. The New Moon in your sign activates healing and boosts self confidence. Pisces, with Venus and Mercury entering your house this month, you may find that you experience a deep healing in areas of spirituality and love.