Marjorie orr libra horoscope

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You are not one to judge, instead you accept people for who they are, foibles and all. You are also not usually anxious, rather you go with the flow and take things as they come.

Marjorie Orr (Virgo)

However, sometimes you may give more of yourself than would be wise. Your generosity may enable people to continue in their bad habits instead of pushing them to make it on their own.

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You are prone to emotional intensity and this may need to be tempered, especially regarding romantic partnerships. Something inside of you pushes you to keep going full-force until you are unable to go any further due to sheer exhaustion. You may feel as though you are always rushing around from one thing to another.

Because of your tendency to indulge in rich cuisine, you are susceptible to weight-gain as you age. It is possible that life may try to test your views. Do not be overly positive about your financial situation and keep from being too confident in general. There is a part of you that is scared to see that there could be something wrong with anything you do or think, keeping you from growing as a person. You can help this by understanding that no one is perfect and that making mistakes is part of being human.

Your judgement may be faulty at times and legal difficulties may be a problem for you, as well as inability to think ahead, make decisions, or speak the complete truth. You feel happiest when in the midst of an emotionally intense situation and therefore have no trouble handling circumstances where others are emoting dramatically, instead you dig to the heart of the issue and help to remedy the problem.

Instinctively you understand that in order to be truly close to someone, emotions must be brought to the surface, no holds barred, and you strive to accomplish this intimate connection. Subjects pertaining to religion, science, mythical or mystical studies, sexuality, psychological evaluation, fiction based on scientific evidence, dying, the afterlife, or curing ailments are all fascinating for you. Your strong intuition helps you to truly comprehend what other people are feeling and going through.

Gaining knowledge is pleasurable to you and you soak up new data like a sponge. Your feelings run much deeper than what you express to others. You work diligently and are dedicated to doing your job, even when much energy and will are required. Somehow you have a knack for figuring out just what the main issue is in any challenge and how to work through it. Your will-power is exceptionally strong and you do not easily give up. This placement contributes to a healthy body and mind. You know how to assert yourself when needed and you confront your troubles head-on, in a clear manner.

Rather than sulking about the difficulties you encounter, you concentrate on eradicating them. You are unsympathetic when you hear people complaining about their challenges without putting in the necessary effort to fix them. Through the obstacles in your life, you have discovered how to channel your emotional energy and cravings into productive endeavours instead of letting them tear you apart.

You are rarely sick and when you do happen to catch something, you recover rapidly. People gravitate towards your enthusiastic nature and the vitality you exude.

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  • You are brave and capable, allowing you to feel confident participating in strategic risk-taking. You easily attract potential romantic partners because of your gregarious demeanour. People love you because you are kind and make an effort to show that you pay attention to the little things others may miss. Female company is particularly easy for you to bond with.

    You feel a deep sense of satisfaction from channelling your emotions into creative endeavours of any kind. You crave beautiful surroundings that are both luxurious and harmonious. Often, your living quarters reflect these values. You are very polite, courteous, and refined in your presentation and you feel uncomfortable around those that are rude, tactless, or rough in their mannerisms.

    Your Horoscopes With Marjorie Orr

    There may be a tendency towards overindulging in rich cuisine that needs to be monitored. Escapism is also a possibility. You dislike hard work and will shun doing anything you deem as laborious. Others are drawn to you because they intuitively feel that you genuinely have their best interest at heart.

    You love being around people, and they love being around you. This may give to a career dealing with the population on a grand scale, perhaps in publicity. You enjoy having, and caring for, guests in your home and welcome people with open arms. Your charming manner and giving nature make you the perfect entertainer of visitors. Emotionally you are stable and secure, overcoming a previous craving to be possessive when you care deeply about a person. This inclination may lead you towards escapism via substance abuse or other means that can provide an outlet.

    You may be afraid of what you do now know, an end to your existence, or of a higher power. It is imperative that you face the things you are afraid of directly, as this is the only way to surpass them. The more you suffer the more you will learn to submit to the course fate has put before you, the more you give in to this the more likely you will be to reach enlightenment and redemption. There is a good chance that you place too much value on acquiring material or monetary assets which can blind you to the things that truly matter.

    Money does not buy true happiness, though this lesson may not come easily to you. This innate distrust may have been due to previous life karma involving matters in which you were betrayed somehow, losing your material assets and social status due to having cared too deeply for others or believing in them too faithfully. These sorts of difficulties occur to show us how insignificant monetary assets are and that we should instead focus our attention on doing the right thing regardless of what we gain out of it.

    It would be beneficial for you to appreciate the things you have but be able to lose them when necessary. Let go!

    This position may also prompt ambiguity, misconception, false pride intellectually, and deceitful scams. Your motivation may be lost without you knowing the cause. Your escapist tendencies may also influence you in this way. It is possible that in a previous life you had used power as a leader in a way that was cruel and selfish.

    Marjorie Orr Birth Chart Horoscope, Date of Birth, Astro

    If you act selflessly, karma will see to it that you are treated well. The mundane daily schedule of life is unappealing to you and if forced to endure this monotonous ordeal day in and day out, you are likely to feel trapped. You need something to be happening, something new and different, especially if it is a type of activity where you can express your agility and well-timed pace; relaxation may be a challenge for you as you require being constantly active. Much of your energy may come from the high-strung nerves you possess and the internal restlessness you feel regularly.

    You strive to be a part of projects that require reforming a system or changing tradition somehow. Highly self-sufficient, you dislike having to answer to anyone and need a great deal of space to get into whatever tickles your fancy at the moment. You are often the leader in whatever endeavours you start on, providing inspirational guidance to those working with you.

    However, you are not one to listen when others try to advise you; you feel you must go through the situation yourself to comprehend it fully and then come to your own conclusions and observations, even if this can be destructive at times. Previous life karma is good and you have been able to keep your temper and impulses relatively balanced.

    Continue on the path you have started in your past; your intuitive nature serves you well. You can be rebellious when given instruction, however you also sense when it is important for you follow without causing issue. Though you work to create change, you are keen to observe when the price of change may be too high. You have a magnetic personality that draws others to you and when you lead, you do not do so because you are power-hungry but rather because you have great insight into what is likely to happen and how best to maneuver the situation to succeed.