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The twelve zodiac signs are grouped into four elements—fire, earth, air and water. Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. Like fire itself, fire signs tend to be passionate, dynamic, and temperamental.
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Seeing the world in terms of elements is a tradition that goes back thousands of years throughout many cultures.

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The elements represent the basic principles of life, and different systems have delineated the elements in various ways. Western Astrology uses four elements -- Fire, Earth, Air and Water -- and each of the 12 zodiac signs falls into one of these categories. In your birth chart, the elements represent your fundamental qualities and temperament -- the "stuff" you are made of.

While all four elements come into play to some degree for each individual, often two are predominant, while the other two require more effort to express.

Zodiac Elements: Which Element Group Does My Zodiac Sign Belong To?

This person might be very adept at taking care of pragmatic, material-world tasks Earth and have a gift for thinking logically and viewing situations objectively Air. However, she might find it challenging to get in touch with and feel her emotions Water and could struggle with summoning the initiative and courage to take action Fire. Because all four elements are necessary to live a balanced and fulfilling life, we are compelled to compensate for those elements we are naturally lacking in our birth chart. We often attract people into our lives who are strong in our weak elements, and vice versa.

Fire has traditionally been associated with Spirit -- the primal force of animation. Fire represents the desire for life, the will to be and become.

Fire Signs - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Indian astrology shares the same system as Western astrology of linking zodiac signs to elements. In addition, in Vedic thought each of the five planets are linked to an element with ether as the fifth. It was said in the Veda that everything emanated from the one basic vibration of "Om" or " Aum.

Astrology and the classical elements

In many traditional Chinese theory field, matters and its developmental movement stage can be classified into the Wu Xing. Note that the Wu Xing are chiefly an ancient mnemonic device for systems with 5 stages, rather than the notion of different kinds of material. For further information, see Wu Xing.

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Hand it over to an Air sign and watch them go to work. Air Signs are also about communication. They are alert, curious and perceptive.

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The world as seen by an Air sign will be an interesting one, as their analysis and subsequent explanation hopefully in terms we can understand will indicate. Those influenced by Air are inventive and clever. They see all sides of the equation and are able to glean the best approach.