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Zodiac sign Aquarius Partnership Compatibility Horoscope. Aquarius like to investigate, unlock and gain mastery over more private and at times mysterious.
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Horoscopes for Cancer. Comments: Cancer Compatibility Horoscope. SweetSouthernBeauty Female cancer currently married to a Libra I have fallen in love with a Taurus but have reservations. Past relationships with Sagittarius 5 years Libra 2 years Beginning to wonder if I am better off alone. Charm How about Cancer man and Taurus woman?

Please share your experience please. Emeka I'm a cancer male. Two of my ex girlfriends were Scorpio. My first crush was a scorpio. Lila I am a cancer woman and my first love is a taurus man and i am happy that things aren't that bad between taurus and cancer. Orange I am water dog female in mid 30s. It saying the best match with a rabbit.

How would I find the rabbit best partner in the world hahaha Tiger, pig, monkey- okay partners. I just broke up with ex. He is capricorn pig. He is most wonderful relationship this year but turn out after the break up this month. His different side showed- He become an asshole, disrespectful, liars, and very cruel. I was so shocked My heart is so painful and so sad.

He had a rough childhood and also adult life. I don't deserves this. Elena I am a cancer and currently in relation with the same sign. So far everything is smooth we dont fight we dont argue but we cry and laugh together. Michelle I'm an Aries woman in a relationship with a cancer man and this is so wrong about us. It's actual opposite. He like going out, but I'd rather be home.

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Either way I hate the way these site paints an Aries. A lot of Ariens I know are docile home body's. Pumie Currently dating a Cancer guy as I am Aquarian and so far so good, we know how to compromise I guess but we all still new. Dayatch I am cancer guy, i need a cancer lady for a smooth relationship pls contact me Sandy What about cancer woman and Aquarius man? Everything I have read says avoid it????? Meep I'm a Cancer female, and my father was an Aquarious and we had a lot of trouble getting along, it was and is strained.

I would not recommend it! Holly I was married to an Aquarius. Mel Run! I did it for years and it was awful!

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Be business partners or friends It's hard with the chemistry if one of both are single, but if you both find happy relationships with others, it's simple. Isaac Find you either a Leo, Scorpio, or a Pisces for the best relationship. HoroscopeLover Have been with Virgo off and on 14 years. I'm cancer female.

He is too selfish, unthought full, ego driven and workaholic. Scorpio much better match. Virgo is bipolar and very critical of others. Unpredictable, Impractical, Terrible but fun, always something different everyday. My Best Friend and Twin Flame. Mary My hubby was a Pisces I'm a cancer as well. The best relationship ever 17 years strong.

He has passed so I lost a best friend as well as hhusband,that was feels like yesterday. So yes still single because after being in such a great relationship I can't just settle. Hopefully God bless me with another Pisces lol Although I know there will never be another Ronnie, you guys keep that good thing going. Be blessed. The Man 4 U Im a male cancer.

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  7. Zodiac sign Aquarius Partnership Compatibility.

Till recently i was on and off with a sag girl for 4 years and i have to agree with what everyone else has said about the two.. Juan Leo will annoy the cancer eventually. Shawn You can't base the outcome of a relationship off these compatibility comparison's simply because we have more than one astrological sign.

This is just one comparison of our signs, specifically the sun sign.

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We are made up of many colors. They are cool but their Flirty and never deciding attitude does not sit well with me, dated about 5 pisces and I dont think they are perfect for me. They provide the security we crave, it's just unexplainable. Am a June 30th cancer, female, born Does anyone feel d same or was I just lucky?? Lisa yes Virgo's are the best match Wayne [quote]Message from june I have practically dated every sign, just to see how they all are, I dated more pisces than others cos every site I go to kept saying they are the perfect match for cancers.

Cancergirl this is my birthday too and I struggled finding what my proper sign was - eventually found out it all depends on where you were born and exact timing etc. Robert U R on a cusp borderline between two zodiac signs. Kimberly Wayne, my birthday is June 20 and it is whats concidered on the cusp of gemini and cancer. I have a more cancer tendencies than gemini. Take it with a grain of salt Its all in Fun.

You are who you are! Jennifer June 22, I agree totally with you, Virgo is the more perfect match. I have not knowingly dated every zodiac, but rather more of most every race and or culture, their zodiac came 2nd if I got to know them well enough. I have not been married for some time and love the single, or even semi-single life Cynthia I was with an aries guys for 16months,and it was a living hell for me..

Contact me if u know you are single and searching.. Bon Cynthia, how old are you? Cancer with Cancer is a disaster!

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Tried it twice but you cant fight your nature! Dusent Matta I found my pisces girl I have been in love with for years. She knows I love her nd I know she loves me but, the fact that we arent together confuses me. She wants us to be friends but im trying to start my life and settle down. I'm wondering if I should let her go and start looking elsewhere I need guidance. Yumie Keep tryin. Htanders Cancer man aires woman Lovebug11 [b]Many people say that Aries and Cancers aren't a good mix but what if there's a connection that takes time to grow?

I have a crush on a Cancer man I'm an Aries woman and sometimes he subtly flirts and throws hints that I catch but it seems like we are both just taking our time with the situation. I personally think that you just have to get to know someone.

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  • Always start off as friends then work your way up gradually. I love all your comments.. I won't mind having some one I can be compactable with. I don't mind if is out of this world,as long as we can love and care for each other. I will love and appreciate you very much..

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    God bless us all.. I love learning true life cultures. Tam I'm a cancer, was w a Sagittarius for 8yrs Majes I'm a male cancer and I can definitely agree with this. Jennifer Oh yeah im a cancer and was also with a sagittarius for 9 years and it was a disaster too.

    Street Hello jennifer Was it that bad??? Brianna I'm currently with a Virgo and we are in a very lovable relationship.