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Sri. K.V.L.N SHARMA. The Founder & Chairman of Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Brindavan Trust, Divine Astrologer, Siddha Resercher, Sri Vidya Upasakar.
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Would be great if possible. Any other suggestions would be welcome. My 15 year daughter who is intelligent, smart studying I n grade nine has a history of ghabrahat,anxiety irritation uneasyness since childhood bcos of that she could not concentration on her studies since grade 5 she was in the topper list she had been working hard on her personality but the result is slow. I am very much worried about her performance in grade 9 and coming years.

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She is very interactive girl love to go for outing She enjoys any type of discussions and feel good when she is talking with her cousins and friends She is addicted to mobile she said had mobile is not there she would have died. She is not misusing it In your opinion she needs treatment she keeps all her homework pending she gets irritated with me just for nothing but at the same time she loves me a lot and if she hurts me she regret a lot. The biggest issue is her irritating behaviour when she gets up from sleep and not concentrating on her studies.

Please give me your valuable suggestions and medicine. Can I withdraw suddenly all medicine. Presently I am taking aprozolam 0. I am also suffering from abnormal without it tab. I am having driving phobia, I feel afraid during driving in highway, now recently in traffic I feel vehicle going in reverse during at slow speed or stop position.

Presently I am taking setralline two times and Mirtaz 15 two times. I am also suffering from allergy since a long. I am 52yrs old and taking taking phycatric medicine last 20 hrs for fear and depression anxiety Pari cr Presently I am taking setralline two times and Murtaza 15 two times. Dear sir, i am 38 years old and i am suffering from depression , bp, anxiety , fear from small things, suffocation in chest and crying anytime without any reason.

I have three daughters one is of 16 years second of 12 years and third one is of 16 days. Sir i feel like i dont have interest in anything. Please suggest me a homeopathic anxiety medicine. Thank you. I am suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. Initially I was taking clonotril 0. Slowly over 5 years i stopped sleeping medicine and just half tablet of clonotril. Suddenly my anxiety and panic started again last month. I tried Homeopathy.

Aconite, geleseimuim and Kali Arsenicosum and Calc carb.

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None worked well. But Ars Alb is working so well. Yesterday I had 2 doses. Felt very fine through the day. Today again 2 doses in the morning one then after one hour another. But in the evening, I had mild attack so one more dose.

It works very well. Should I continue with Ars Alb every day. How long can I take it? I get anxiety while driving car on high bridge and congested traffic since 3 years for that I had to leave my job. I tried all home medicines in Dubai without any result. I cannot get job due to this driving phobia. Stelbid no more available,.

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Taken colospa. Please suggest some remedy. Hello sir. I have been facing anxiety disorder since a long long time. And over the years I think it has graduated to obsessive compulsive disorder. For no reason at all, my mind seems to be racing at any given point in time.


It is never at rest. No matter how hard I try to distract my mind, these constant body movements n uneasiness inside is driving me mad.

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I seem to have no control over this. N this has become really frustrating and maddening. I really want these body movements to stop. Please advise about the same. Sir Iam Alopathy Dr. Burning sensation in Bowel. Irritable itching burning in all body. Neck Face. Depress Mood. Help me and reply homeo medicen thanks. Sir,my name is Jyothi of 38 years. I was very active and stood first to work in any of our parties and functions.

I started using that medicine but after 10 days I was disturbed with trembling from into my stomachs but I continued it for more 15 days but it became worst and I stopped that medicine. After stopping slowly I became so weak that I used to take support of walls. I have under gone blood tests ,scanning every thing but every test came normal.

I feel very much better. I am also suffering with severe muscle pains. I am sure I became worst after using Homeo care medicine. I am suffering with hypothyroidism mental stress irritation , worried, chest pain ,jointspain knee,hip sever paining Panic disorders, panic attack, anxiety sad feeling, head ache, stomack pain, sudden diarrhoea, constipation very uneasy to live feel like dieing. Treatment taken as follow Thyroidinum, sil calc. Arnica,etc but not continue please help me doctor. From last yr l m suffering from enxiety n restless sleep.

I m also having pre manupaus symptoms due to which i hv continuous bleeding l hv also taken harmonal treatment for three monhs n for menstrual prob i m taking homiopathic medicine ie sepia30 haemamilisq lachesis1m in15days but no relief in enxiety plz suggest homeo.. Presently taking Anxit 0. Anaxity in left side of the body and continuous fear feeling in left side of chest it increases at bedtime and decreases while I busy in work. Sleeplessness and feeling anaxity in left leg and left hand and feel better on pressing the left leg at the back side. Hello Sir, I, after an accident 1.

I remained good for 4 more months. Then symptoms again appeared. I decided to use homeopathic treatment. First 15 days I felt great recovery but now I think symptoms are returning.

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Please guide something more effective. I quit tobacco before three month but till now i have a chest pain chest tightness ribs pain back pain or shulder pain.

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Please suggest what medicine i should use. I have general anxiety and fear of flying. I want to fly two weeks later. What is the most appropriate herb for my condition. I have anxiety comes before 3 month back. And a m stopped medicines after one month. Because I think I came to normal life.

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After days passed that I have a slight prblm with my throat and chest area.. Feeling something in my throat.. But at the same time I have good sleep and food. While working company stared slight pain in body and weight in my chest.. But evening normal.. What shout I do…Some time I have no prblm,and some time negative thoughts came chest pain ariser.. Etc I have no prblm with breathing. The anxiety symptoms like chest tightness, dizziness, fear, etc comes at night or immediately after sunset. I dont have any remarkable problem at day times.

O want to cure this phobia of health from root. I have been of strong mind before, but this anxiety is ruining my life day by day. One more thing I want to add here.