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A balance between your income and expense during the second half of the month will help you to sail through. If you are in business then you need to consider your deals twice before finalizing. Focus on your savings, says monthly horoscope. If you are thinking to invest in property, then you can go for it as this month is suitable to invest in these things. You can make good money from your investments too but make sure before investing in any speculative place; you need to be very careful about your decisions. Some of you wanted to buy luxury household items for so long; you can wait for some time.

This month still will be very good as compared to the previous one, says your monthly horoscope. Love is in the air and it will be all good and fun for you. This month will be full of romance and romantic moments. You will receive the cooperation from your partner.

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This is the time when the understanding will grow in your relationship. Those of you who are married will enjoy romantic pleasures and dinner dates will help you get cosy. Singles, you may find yourself swayed by the charm of the other person and there are high chances that you will find your soul mate. The last week of the month is going to be auspicious in terms of marriage and it will bring high chances to fix the marriage.

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For some, you will rekindle your romance as you can meet your ex and both of you will get away with the past issues, predicts your monthly horoscope. This can help in bringing back an old couple together too. In the last week of the month, there are chances to conceive. You will be able to enjoy very good work and personal life.

You have been taking care of your health but the weather is changing; cold and cough may occur. During the mid-week, you should avoid drinking cold drinks and alcoholic beverages as they will do you no favours on the health front. Eat healthy food and follow the good habit of running and exercising. Children should be careful when playing outdoors. Take care of your mental and physical health with yoga and meditation.

Go for morning or evening walks.

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Spend some quality time with your loved ones. This would be a good period for matters related to education. You may obtain expected marks, and that would be encouraging. A jolly trip with family members may fill happiness and peace. By applying your intelligence, you will do well in studies. Your teachers may be happy with your activeness, and they may grant you favours. Always do your best. On the career front, this month is asking you to keep up the good work and focus on your performance.

You always strive for the best but good things take time. There is no hurry in life, so wait until the right opportunity knocks at your door. You are advised to avoid taking risky or impulsive decisions on this front in the first week of this month. Yes, you want to go for a change, but the first week is not suitable for this. The second week, however, hints at a positive result in this stance. Many of you will reap the fruit of your hard work and will be showered with the first job of your professional life.

Rest, your performance is noted down by your seniors and who knows maybe you are about to hear words of appreciation. You are very well capable of maintaining your financial status. There is a very good flow of income indicated for this month, says your monthly horoscope predictions.

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Being a good keeper, you know that you have to manage the cash flow on both personal and professional front. Spending on your daily necessities is fine but tries to regulate your extravagant expenses. You are earning a pretty good amount and with your efforts, expenses will come down by the last week of the month.

Avoid giving money to your friends. This month looks really good for investments and you can expect some good gains for the long run. If you had any plan to buy some out of the box luxury for your home, you should wait for some time. Maintain a perfect balance in your income and expense, says your monthly finance horoscope. This month will enable you to romance and enjoy your love life to the most. You will be able to find most of your time engaged with your partner and enjoy the happy times you have been missing from a long time, says your monthly love horoscope.

Making up to a broken relationship is also predicted in this monsoon. You need to be a little careful in the first half of the month as cheating is indicated, your alertness and sixth sense will help you out. There are high chances of getting your marriages fixed if you have been looking for a partner. It may be that a family member is able to introduce you to a special guest with whom you share many interests. Married couples will find this month to be really favourable for them if they are planning for a child, predicts this month love horoscope.

There will be both satisfaction and enjoyment in your work and personal life which will help you to maintain a good mental and physical body. Keep taking care of your diet and routine habits to be on the right track. This month will also help you recover from the health troubles which have been there lately, says your monthly horoscope after the first week of the month. Diabetic people need to take care of them properly.

Be smart in this situation and take yourself to see a qualified medical practitioner. This visit will also give you the information you need to put your mind at ease. Go for evening walks as this month is fresh and rejuvenating. A slight delay is indicated on the completion of syllabus. Positive changes may give a morale boost. You should have control over desires. Conflicts with friends may become possible with egoistic nature. Avoid unpleasant controversy which may impact on your concentration.

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Gemini May 22 - Jun 21 This month is going to be exceptionally well for you in terms of career prospects. Businessmen, Entrepreneurs; you are going to negotiate well with your customers and clients during the second week of the month. The only thing that requires your attention is the way you react to certain things. Try to control it as it will be beneficial for you. Focus on your performance and will do wonders, says your monthly predictions. Stability was the only requirement in your job and by the end of this month, you will feel it.

Excellent performance from your side will make you a more optimistic person. From a career point of view, this month is not a good time to switch for a new job or partnership.

You are on the right track and keep going on with this positivity. This month, the money will flow with a little obstruction. The month will have some finance-related issues but it will be a promising month as compared to the previous month. Plan to have a perfect balance in your income and expense, says your monthly finance horoscope. Expenses can be a little high but you are very stable to handle this situation beforehand. The last week of the month wants you to be thoughtful as you want to save money, this can be done with careful planning and you will be able to save a good amount of money too.


The first week of the month will get you the support of your partner. You will have mutual respect and cooperation with your partner to enjoy the romantic pleasure. These things will be perfect for a dinner date or surprise holiday, on the romantic front. You are giving some significant efforts with your partner on the love aspect of your life. The ones who are planning to take their relationship to the next level will get the approval of their elders.

Singles, the end of this month is really supportive and fortunate for the proposal you have been planning for long, predicts your monthly romance horoscope. It is a good month to conceive, so if you are planning to extend your family you can go for it. This month, you will enjoy excellent work and life. You are concerned about your health and fitness and this month says that you are going to initiate some steps regarding this thing. Go and try out some recreational activities as it will keep you fresh and physically active. Take care of both your mental and physical well being.

Even a few minutes of meditation before sleep would serve you very well, says your monthly horoscope.

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This would be an effective month for you. In education, you will finish tasks very smoothly and effectively. You will be endowed with limitless vigour and energy, possess strong willpower and will be incredibly ambitious. Your dynamism, courage, intellect, and timely actions, you will make quick progress in education.

You are finally getting the support of the higher authorities as they are finally appreciating your work. Those who are working in creative fields; your creativity will get you on the higher front.