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Astrologers believe that an astrological age affects humanity, Traditionally, Aquarius is associated with electricity.
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Shifts, Shelley argues, that are the reverberations as we passage into the Age of Aquarius. This cycle, which lasts roughly 26, years, means the zodiac sign visible at dawn on the first day of spring changes about every 2, years. During the Piscean Age, which is swiftly coming to an end, life was based on the pyramid.

Every structure, from families to religions and governments, had a single being, person or deity on top, to whom all those below deferred. Everyone knew their place. While this provided stability, its rigidity severely restricted individual freedom and limited responsibility. Now we're entering the Aquarian Age, although astrologers disagree about the exact start date,' explains Shelley.

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They do agree, however, that the Age of Aquarius is about flattening the pyramid and individuals assuming more power. The new age is all about making room for a more egalitarian world. Aquarius is heavily associated with information and technology, and so the way we're seeing social media facilitating revolution is very much of this era. And also by year-old Malala Yousafzai, a pioneering activist for female education and the youngest-ever Nobel Prize laureate. When times are tough, it's tempting to look to astrology for hope.

And look we do, with a search for astrology on Instagram showing more than , posts.

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The commotion created by NASA 'changing' the star signs recently don't worry, they haven't shows how attached we are to our horoscopes, while articles on 'How to survive Mercury retrograde' or 'Plan a new moon ritual' are all over the internet as we search for answers by connecting with something bigger than ourselves. Importantly, you can be very much of the Aquarian Age and not be at all into zodiac tattoos or celestial symbology. In rapidly changing gender roles we can see the impact of the Aquarian Age most clearly.

The "man of the house" role has changed as a result of women being better represented in the workplace, and now everyone is free to realise their potential. In the Piscean Age, women literally couldn't live without a man,' says Shelley. In less than years we've gone from having barely any rights, to running companies and countries, increasingly living alone and marrying later if at all. Still, Shelley says: 'There is a leftover and deeply unconscious component that having male approval is about survival. This is something that manifests in the assumption made by many women growing up, myself included, that marriage to a man, followed by babies, is the path to safety.

Now that I've been exposed to new ideas, the search for the perfect male partner to provide security and children isn't so high on the agenda.

The Age of Aquarius is about making the most of our freedom while bearing the responsibilities for our own lives, too. Don't expect your sex life to stay the same during the Aquarian Age, either. You can be with whomever you want to. You don't have to do it the way anyone's done it before and that's empowering.

People such as model Hari Nef — boundary pushers who do things their own way — will thrive. Aquarians are known as the revolutionaries and innovators of the zodiac. Susan Miller, the go-to astrologer for the New York fashion set, writes on her website, 'The ancient astrologers thought of Aquarius as "the sign of all things that are newly invented". This is why the Age of Aquarius is linked so strongly to technology. Aquarius is also an air sign and therefore highly communicative, bent on gathering information.

While there are huge benefits, Stefanie urges caution: 'Technology is becoming an extension of our bodies. In the Age of Pisces it was heaven that we longed for. Here, we are merely switching up our projected dreams. The Age of Pisces did not consist solely of deep spirituality and selfless service; it contained fear and intolerance and prejudice based on emotion. Similarly, the Age of Aquarius is not likely to consist solely of intelligence, science, noble humanitarianism, and positive revolutions. Been on Facebook or Twitter recently?

But how much are we evolving, how many of us, really, and how fast? It would seem that we are about to find out. It also bears keeping in mind that each Age is not purely of the sign associated with it: in the Pisces Age, science, commerce, exploration, and the rest of the twelve archetypes continued to be present. But the overall tone was Piscean.

In the Age of Aquarius, religion and spirituality will not vanish: they will just take a back seat to humanism.

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All twelve archetypes will still be present: our world is made of them — how could they not be present? And yet, the tone will change. As I write this, I am syncing my new smart phone to my computer. Using this small device, an astrology program will instantly generate an electronic horoscope chart for any moment that I desire. I can read the latest research on quantum mechanics, and even watch videos explaining those difficult ideas. However, at the same time, in the news on my phone are stories of various backward-looking religious fundamentalist groups around the world attempting to drag humanity back to a medieval age and sensibility, replete with beheadings, but without the positive aspects of the Age of Pisces.

The Real Age of Aquarius

One may easily see this as the last desperate gasps and the most dysfunctional ones at that of a 2, year old paradigm that is dying. Transitions are always difficult, and many fear the future, but we will not go back. We have put men on the moon. We have decoded the human genome. My new phone has 2 billion transistors packed into a few ounce package the size of my palm that connects me instantly with any other human on the planet who holds a similar device.

No, we will not go backwards: the Age of Aquarius is here. American Federation of Astrologers. Association for Astrological Networking. International Society for Astrological Research.

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National Council for Geocosmic Research. Organization for Professional Astrology.

The Age of Aquarius

Uranus Discovered The planet Uranus was discovered by William Herschel on March 13, ; the date perhaps serving as symbolism that the Age of Pisces had just received notice. And yet… One reason that people are reluctant to look at our current time as being the Age of Aquarius is that there are expectations among many that the Age of Aquarius will be some sort of magical time when everything will be peace and love, and everyone will live together in enlightenment, harmony and bliss.

Doug Egan Doug Egan is a Denver-based astrologer, teacher and author of The Dance of Astrology, from which this article is excerpted with permission. He is a registered nurse, certified addictions counselor and physics enthusiast who is especially interested in the philosophical underpinnings of the discipline.

A review of his book can be read here. He can be reached at danceofastrology outlook. Related Posts Book Review: Under a Sacred Sky: Essays on the Practice and Philosophy of Astrology It is a rarity to find an astrology book that can be read with interest and appreciation by both professional astrologers and people with no specific knowledge of astrology.


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