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If Today is Your Birthday forecast for March 13th: Predictions for the year If You Were Born Today, March . Pisces Preview Horoscope Horoscope Choose Another Sign Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo.
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By Raquel Salles - 8 years ago. February 20 Zodiac February 20 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope Personality of the perceptive charmer Your greatest challenge is: learning to say no The way forward is: to understand that only after you give to yourself can you give to others. February 20 Zodiac Compatibility: June 22 to July 23 The two of you are highly sensitive and intuitive individuals, and this can create an exceptionally close and loving bond.

Zodiac Sign Dates: What Are The Dates for Every Star Sign?

February 20 Zodiac Luck maker: Treat yourself Try to devote at least one day a week to something you really want: a book, a film, a haircut. On The Dark Size Indecisive, hypersensitive, impressionable At your best Intelligent, appealing, intuitive February 20 Zodiac Love: Little flower People born on February 20 Zodiac can be extremely sensitive when it comes to affairs of the heart and they need to find a partner who understands this. February 20 Zodiac Health: Learn to say no It is important for people born on this day to avoid become drained, anxious, stressed, depressed, or burned out because they are giving so much to others or taking on board the emotions of others.

February 20 Zodiac Destiny: To inspire others by giving The life path of people born on this day is to learn to set boundaries. Type your search query and hit enter:. It should be emphasized, though, that, for all their intransigence, their feelings are warm.

They are usually well-disposed, friendly, sympathetic and noble. Instead of using that gift for manipulation, you chose to be empathetic and uplifting. I was born 20 and gone through that phase at 22rd year its truly hard n real painful but still take it hold it you don't forget your path and you bring out new way of lifejust go with flow [Reply] [Cancel reply].

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Nia July 17, at am. This zodiac color should be used in objects that surround the natives. Integrity is everything to Cancers born on July In life, Taurus is in a constant search for someone attractive and mysterious that can keep their interest alive and the one to offer them this is the native in Scorpio.

December 20 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope Personality

Their inner character is filled with dignity and imperiousness. Careful, considerate — they are slow to make a decision, but their opinion is always practical and solid. They are a great proponent of beauty, both in art and in nature. They especially enjoy ar tistic luxury, beautiful surroundings and architecture. The Capricorn extravaganza really kicks in starting December 21, when the Sun enters this sign and activates your social and future-oriented eleventh house for a month.

Set the work aside and go commune with the people! On Christmas Day, the moon will hang out in Sagittarius, which could put you in more traditional spirits.

June 21: Cancer

Your mind is on the future, and you might set aside a little time to write intentions or map out a few plans. This could bring a major shift to your inner circle, or a new alliance that becomes a defining association in the year ahead. Put your personal goals and dreams on the front burner when you set intentions. With this humanitarian sector energized, you might put in a couple hours of volunteer work before heading out, or combine do-gooding with celebration by attending a benefit party as you ring in Whatever you do, adopting a communal spirit will prepare you for the team-spirited energy that will usher in the new decade.

The more the merrier, Pisces! With flirty Venus traipsing through earthy Capricorn until December 20, your social eleventh house is ablaze. Gather with friends and colleagues, and without necessarily planning on it, sparks could fly! You could go from talking shop to snogging under the mistletoe with a few deft moves. Online dating is promising during this cycle, too, since the eleventh house is also your tech center. Get into the generous holiday spirit and be more liberal with your right swipes. Couples will enjoy getting out and mingling together with a mixed group.

These autonomous love stars could also find you craving more independence. As long as you come home to each other, no harm done! At the same time, passionate Mars is revving through Scorpio and your wing-spreading ninth house, cranking up the chemistry with people way different than your usual type. This biennial transit amps up your desire for freedom and fun.

Regardless of your relationship status, put a bucket-list trip on your gift list or make it a top goal. The vixen planet also rules values, and during this time of sweet surrender, you could need more rest than usual—or maybe just time spent cuddled up with a special someone. No one would fault you, Pisces: Take what you need, but be aware that with Mars amping up the action and Venus seeking downtime, you might feel pulled in two directions. Did you weather a heartbreak or disappointment in ? Take a cue from Mars and widen your viewfinder, stretching far past the familiar instead of dwelling on the past.

If this is someone you have history with, trust, enjoy spending time with—and P. Of course, if it goes sideways, it could blow up a wonderful friendship. Just proceed cautiously. Couples will have a rare sense of objectivity about your relationship, making this a good day for a meaningful talk. Away from the grind at last? Expansive Jupiter has been in Sagittarius and your tenth house of accountability and ambition since November 8, As that yearlong cycle finally draws to a close, you can look back and see how much you—and your leadership abilities—have grown.

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On December 2, when Jupiter shifts into Capricorn and your collaborative eleventh house of teamwork and technology, the mood starts getting noticeably lighter! Jupiter is here until December 19, And with motivator Mars spending all month in Scorpio and your worldly ninth house, the farther your reach, the better. Expand your network beyond the familiar. Test out new markets, plan a trip, reach out to a long-distance contact. You never know what new adventures await! The December 15 sync-up of Jupiter and pioneering Uranus could bring a local opportunity such as a fundraiser party or a media project where you can already test these waters.

The December 26 Capricorn solar eclipse could also put you in the path of some like-minded disruptors. Today you might feel pulled in two directions as your co-ruler, dreamy Neptune, squares off with the high-profile Sun. Decisions you make today can have far-reaching consequences.

So take the necessary time to really think—er, feel—this through. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

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