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Find free daily and weekly horoscopes for at HELLO! - Oscar Cainer, bringing you your star sign forecasts, in the Aries. 21/03 - 20/04 · Horóscopo Tauro.
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It would be very easy to spend all your energy trying not to be too much for anyone: not to shine too bright, not to talk too loud, not to take up too much space. Be prepared for this, and be prepared to feel no guilt.

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You can experience your own humanity fully without apologizing for anything at all. Maybe you still wish that someone else could come and save you the effort and vulnerability of speaking your desires out loud. Or maybe you still wish that you could live inside yourself forever, content with the things you already have.

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But this is a week for boldness. The more you let yourself want, the more the world will reward you. This week, try not to be defensive. So this week, think about ways you can practice doing just that. You can take small risks, then slightly bigger ones. This week, though, you might be required to act before you can fully weigh every option.

Aries Weekly Astrology Horoscope 30th September 2019

You might be called on to speak before you think things all the way through. Sometimes you expect your own mind to be so broad, so untiring, that you can pay attention to every single thing that happens, everywhere in the world.

Your Weekly Horoscope for February 18 to February 25: Ready for a Miracle?

Sometimes you imagine that you have to experience every possible life before you can be sure of your own. Can you narrow the scope of your attention, at least for this week?

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Can you look to your own heart, your own limbs, your own desires for guidance? This is a week for holding fast to your right to be your truest self, your right to have an opinion, your right to put your foot down. Finally, on Saturday, the sun moves into grounded, sensual Taurus, marking the start of a season for stability, for stubborn determination, and for taking pleasure in the beauty of the wakening springtime world.

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Every once in a while, the world offers you a little bit more than you need — a little more energy, or more money, or more love. It can feel like a miracle to have enough time to dream, or enough space to breathe, or enough energy to feel vibrant and alive at the end of the work day. The sky can seem brighter, the air can taste sweeter.

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Your challenge, this week, is not to let this comfort and good fortune make you start fearing risk. Maybe some slow-burning conflicts will become impossible to ignore this week, or maybe some new ones will arise, sharp and unexpected. Conflict can be generative this week.

Libra Monthly Horoscope

It can be clarifying. Your body holds its own kind of deep, quiet knowledge. This week, if your brain feels tangled, wound too tight, try relating to the world through your senses. But trust, this week, that there are people who see you; there are people out there watching you with admiration and love. Sometimes it feels impossible, and sometimes it really is impossible, to live your fullest life under all the constraints that have been placed on you — not enough money, not enough freedom, not enough safety, not enough love. Sometimes the unfairness of it all feels deep enough to drown you.

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When the world seems especially dark, you might be struck by the impulse to hoard everything good in your life — all your ideas, all your money, all your love. It can seem like a good idea to squirrel away everything good that you have, in case you might need it in hard times ahead. The problem, though, is that this stops you from living right now. All you can know is that your powers are valuable right now, so use them. On your worst days, it can feel as though all your relationships are designed to hold you back, to prevent you from growing, to keep you squeezed into the same shape forever.