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Cancer Daily Horoscope January 15 Cancer Daily Horoscope today. Today it seems that one of your friends or a close acquaintance is going to make a.
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Doing this in equal portions may become increasing difficult to arrange but well worth it for your psyche.

Your Horoscope for the Week of January 14

There may be a delicate situation that exists at work involving a professional associate. Stay out of it and keep your nose out of job politics. Avoid conflict or involvement in a dead end discussion. Remain alert to signs that this is becoming too much of a problem to be involved in. Others want to drag you in as their personal allies.


This may jeopardize your own position. Perhaps it was the friends you associate with that caused the misunderstanding. Falsified information or destructive behavior of an associate could get you into big trouble now so choose your alliances wisely. Dreams have an unusual bent now bringing you futuristic views of how things ought to be.

Your partner is extremely lucky now and sudden fame and fortune from a past effort can come along making this a wonderful joyous time. You present an attractive and sometimes foreboding image that makes others take notice and listen to what you have to say. This is a good time to present a winning argument or ask for a raise. Wear your favorite color red and set the standard that tells others exactly how you feel about things and what you expect from them in return. This month is a wonderful time to celebrate some of your most recent accomplishments.

Let others know just how successful you have been in achieving your goals. The dramatic and creative energies this period provides can be felt near and far. In many ways your fifth house is your most fertile area for both ideas and procreation. Your intuitive imagination is working overtime to provide you with the visions that you can apply to canvas, paper or any other medium that you use to express yourself. This can be in your way of thinking especially from a religious or spiritual standpoint.

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The opportunity to explore foreign territory looms heavy now and you may just wish you could brake with tradition and explore the unknown. It could be just what you need to get away from work problems or the pressures from home. Expect sudden insight to illuminate the right path for you even if it does appear in a dream form. You should take the advice seriously but refrain from making that move on the st when Moon visits your opposite sign. This provides an excellent opportunity to take time out, regroup and realign your thoughts before acting.

February could be the start of something big. You find yourself more than attractive now and others notice the difference. Give in to partners requests and take a place in the background letting them have center stage. This may be to your advantage later this month when you are amply rewarded. Health issues still surround you and your need to over indulge in sweets or alcohol may need to be dealt with. This proves to be a problem in the future when you realize your waist expanding thanks to the big gaseous planet Jupiter settling into your health sector for the next year.

This could be the beginning of a travel expedition or educational pursuit that can increase your chances for success. Relationships become much more settled now and you find yourself using a more disciplined approach to your communications. Moon returns to your sign bringing a renewed enthusiasm that can physically be sensed by other.

Give others what they want whole heartily for it will only return to you triplefold.


Is a perfect time for an all-out celebration in your home. Invite others to participate in the party of the year. Keep your entertainment lively and introduce a bit of extravagance if possible even if you have to rent it. Even your wildest imagination is taken beyond its limits tonight. New job opportunities open up. Make sure all promises come in the form of a written contract.

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Movie and entertainment fields hold special interest for you. You could be asked to star in a special TV show or film documentary. The th are days when you can display your talents. You analyze and depict the part to perfection and it would be difficult to overlook your efforts. Your freedom and love of adventure characterize your choice of profession. Experiment with many new kinds of jobs or technology.

Dreams or premonitions from spirit are common now. Review stocks and investment opportunities as well as your broker now.

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An insurance policy may also be up for a change that saves money and time later. You grasp new theory or spiritual enlightenment that you could not easily conceive of before. There is a possibility you may begin the study of astrology or enrol in art or acting lessons. Computer technology may be another choice but you will find a way to educate yourself now even if it does require some unusual ways to do so. On the 25th a Full Moon enhances your communications skills especially with sibling or neighbor.

You may find yourself solving problems of debts owed to you and come out of it amicably. Attend an educational seminar or enrol in classes of a different sort now.

Money returns to you from an unexpected source. Your need for freedom can not be undermined now and it would be best if you did everything in your powers to express this. You may have recently been the object of an animals attraction. Stray kitten or other familiar shows up at your doorstep at a very important turning point in your life. Their kindness can help you through difficult times as well as good ones. Health and working conditions are also going through a transformation now making you subject of possible lawsuits or other legal binding contract later this month.

This month will bring a legal matter to your attention.

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  • Allow your companion to make suggestion and listen to their advice. You may just need to adjust your values a little to be more consistent with others. Let others take the lead now while you sharpen your people skills. The th are days you can apply new tricks to a perplexing problem and come out ahead. These are your personal days that let you shine and get noticed by all. Your emotional involvement with things of value is important now and will need to be discussed this January. Nothing superficial going on now.

    The finances of another involves you significantly now. You may be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel in this long battle over control of a monetary situation. Keep in mind that there will be many opportunities to increase your income now.

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    A sudden opportunity arises that allows you to travel by water or Oceanside village. Travel by air is likely and can provide you with the opportunity to make yourself known as successful. Invite them all for champagne brunch or a tailgate party.