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Despite modern celebrations where the secular "birthday" element often overshadows the essence of it as a religious rite, the essence of a bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah celebration is entirely religious in origin i. With or without the birthday celebration, the child nevertheless becomes a bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah, and the celebration may be on that day or any date after it. Origen in his commentary "On Levites" writes that Christians should not only refrain from celebrating their birthdays, but should look on them with disgust.

Orthodox Christianity in addition to birthdays, also celebrate the name day of a person. Ordinary folk celebrated their saint's day the saint they were named after , but nobility celebrated the anniversary of their birth.

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While almost all Christians accept the practice today, Jehovah's Witnesses and some Sacred Name groups refrain from celebrating birthdays due to the custom's pagan origins, its connections to magic and superstitions. While Christmas is the celebration of Christ's Birth, some religious groups see it as being portrayed in a negative light.

Some Muslim especially from Salafi school of thought [30] oppose the celebration of a birthday as a sin, as it is considered an "innovation" of the faith, or bi'dah while other clerics have issued statements saying that the celebration of a birthday is permissible. Some Muslims migrating to the United States adopt the custom of celebrating birthdays, especially for children, but others resist.

There is also a great deal of controversy regarding celebrating Mawlid the anniversary of the birth of Muhammad.

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While a section of Islam strongly favours it, [34] others decry such celebrations, terming them as out of the scope of Islam. That age is reckoned whenever Janma Nakshatra of the same month passes. Hindus regard death to be more auspicious than birth since the person is liberated from the bondages of material society. Many monasteries celebrate the anniversary of Buddha's birth, usually in a highly formal, ritualized manner.

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They treat Buddha's statue as if it was Buddha himself, as if he were alive; bathing, and "feeding" him. Sikhs celebrate the anniversary of the birth of Guru Nanak. In North Korea , people do not celebrate birthdays on July 8 and December 17 because these were the dates of the deaths of Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il , respectively.


More than , North Koreans celebrate displaced birthdays on July 9 or December 18 to avoid these dates. A person born on July 8 before may change their birthday, with official recognition. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Just Asked. Archived from the original on Flatbush Jewish Journal. Birthdays also have a long-standing and an intimate link with astrology and the horoscope. These were humble, modest men and women who did not view their arrival in the world as so important that it should be celebrated. Micah ; Luke Rather, they glorified Jehovah and thanked him for the precious gift of life. July 8, , p. For example, their views definitely put birthday celebrations in a bad light. Faragallah, Walter R. Schumm and Farrell J.

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