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with them. The soft, loving, sociable energy of Venus will contribute to the magic Taurus + Taurus Gay Dating And Relationship Compatibility Analysis.
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We want our partners to be readily aroused when the moment comes. Taurus starts early in the morning whispering sexual things in their ears and call them at noon, just to talk dirty. When she comes home her desires are already heighten and ready. I might not have the 18 times in one session that Liam had, mine was 8 times the most and I want all my partners to come at least 4 times per session or more, this way my partner is always glowing, satisfied and happy with ecstasy. He really is the sweetest, most thoughtful and most respectful friend I have. And after reading the above article, why not.

Which they all have lol.

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Our 1st time alone was Magnetic. We stayed together for more than 24hours on our 1st date. He took care of me the whole day. I was high off of him.

The Taurus man: Love, Sex, Friendship, Style

In my personal opinion — everything it says about a Taurus man is true. I am Taurus male, the article says all about the taurus very well, I always want to start the sex slowly with romance , lot of Kissings, teasing , licking and finally I go for intercourse. Yeah i Always like missinary and spoon positions , sticking to some positions also I like to try new too. Yeah as a taurus I will be in sexual intercourse for a long hours. Even after sex completes I like to hug and kiss a lot. No heart to run away. So passionate in sex. This is definetely accurate.

We do last long. But we are not so much creative in bed so you females must ask. But we care so much to satisfy our partners. Our partners comes first in everything we do. Be prepared for a long night.

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We just prefer to be the dominant of the 2. Maybe this Taurus is just a little different though. Ur palms on dey bk an lettn dem nw hw u feel also u may tnk dis is gay bt dey love listenin an tkin ur mind of stuff as well as they the a women who behaves bitchi an hate suprises.

My boyfriend is a Taurus and I am a Cancer…. I read thru these things for fun and over and over again…. I hear the same thing. Your Taurus man will not push the envelope in bed or become a 50 shades role player. I say BS.

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I take care of my self and honestly, women of all ages look at me. But I am extremely shy and often blush when I catch a glimpse. What a contradiction eh! To me sex is my time to be Leanardo Da Vinci and create the best time for my partner and myself. Always them first…. As for the adventurousness, I absolutely love sex outdoors.

It is carnal and my ladies often appreciate my enthusiasm and the rush it brings them. Handcuffs, duct tape or cellophane, hands behind back and slathered with coconut oil……. To clarify. How to kill a Tauren ego. Deny him sex. They are the only ones who can keep up with my desires. I totally dominate. Taurus likes to pursue and when comfortable you will know it….. We like honey, be sweet and we will love you and fight for you till the end of time.

Side note….. Like Nadda chance. See we like torture too haha. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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So, what should you expect from the Taurus man between the sheets? Our latest blog posts. Liam on April 7, at pm. Leo in Love on April 24, at am. Spoken like a true Taurus. Leo woman on May 24, at pm. Liam Oh my god, what is your phone number! Capricorn woman on June 23, at pm. And never dated one. Leo in Love on June 30, at pm.

Char on July 28, at am. Liam u seriously need 2 send me your phone number! Crab in Love on August 20, at am. Name on September 28, at pm. Since the Bulls usually keep their eyes more or less fastened on the ground, they can help Sag watch out for the open sewers and other traps waiting to trip them. These two can make a really socko team in the stock market, or in any sort of gambling venture. The association can be found anywhere from film-making to breeding race horses, from the newspaper field to a church. Most Bulls are rather dogmatic about their religious beliefs, usually intensely loyal to the religion of childhood — and all Archers are possessed of a strong, though often tangled and knotted, religious streak.

Normally, Taurus remains close to family ties. A Bull will sacrifice much for his or her loved ones, and bear up under a bushel of trouble for them. Sa- gittarians are also willing to offer a helping hand and a cheery word to their relatives — from a distance. Sag is more interested in the good of humanity as a whole than in lavishing excessive attention on blood lines.

Both of these Sun Signs can spot a hypocrite or a phony a mile away, and neither of them is inclined to tell a lie to save face, or merely to be courteous. The Bulls ordinarily will state the truth of the matter as they see it, firmly and clearly.

The Archer has no such reluctance. All Sagittarians shine with a certain kind of honesty — a brutal kind. The truth sometimes hurts, but the Archers are blissfully unaware of this, when their indignations are flashing. Why are you frowning as though you hated me or something? What did I do wrong? I thought you liked me. See how the truth hurts? But what does that have to do with your being pigeon-toed and walking with a waddle?

Most Archers will accept it cheerfully, philosophically — and are genuinely bewildered when others get uptight over hearing the plain facts, whether the sharp arrow of honesty is aimed at themselves or at another victim.

Libra Obsessed With Taurus

I have a sister who was picked up twice for shoplifting. Sagittarians take life and people literally as they skip around, spreading their jollies and blasting out truth with their jovial Jupiter vibes. It sometimes seems to Sag that the dogmatic and cautious Bulls are as slow as a herd of snails. Nevertheless, if these two decide to take a gamble, and combine the Jupiter luck and logic with the Taurean shrewdness and common sense, they stand a good chance of making lots of money together.

That message will reach both of them loudly and clearly.