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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. The late Terry Marlowe is an astrologer, writer, and editor. She was an officeholder in the National Council for Geocosmic .
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Health troubles get over as you become more health conscious. Repayment of a loan can keep your financial position a bit tight, but you will get used to it. Someone can go back on his or her word at work and put you in an embarrassing situation. This is a good time to share the joys that family has to offer by going out together. You will get the break to go for a vacation. A property issue can be decided in your favor. You will be able to give your best to a task at hand.

What is a Friends & Lovers Report?

Love Focus: Suspicions of lover will have to be assuaged, if you hope for an enjoyable romantic evening. Enjoying good health through regular workouts and diet control is certain for some. Financial planning will be essential to keep a tab on domestic expenditure. Those in the rat race are likely to pip the rivals at the post to get a promotion. You can get harassed driving in a new place due to incorrect directions. Travelling bug is likely to bite some and take them out of town for a few fun-filled days.

Some major changes may be initiated in a property owned by you. Repair work at home can keep some busy. A set routine is your key to good health, so stick to it. Financial condition that was down in the dumps sometime back, improves substantially. Your work on the academic front may not be found up to the mark and require reworking.


Window shopping with partner will not only be pleasurable, but also enhance togetherness. A trip is likely to prove enjoyable. Good returns from real estate are foreseen for property owners.

An Astrological Guide to Taylor Swift

Shifting to a new house can become a hassle for some. Those new to exercise regimes can be laid low by aches and pains due to inadequate warming up. Those looking for a suitable accommodation are likely to find one that fits their pocket. You will be able to avoid an obvious pitfall by giving heed to the advice of a workplace senior.

You will find family more accepting of your drawbacks. A long journey may prove tiring. There is a fair chance of becoming a proud owner of a flat or plot. Your concern for others is likely to boost your image on the social front. Health wise you are likely to feel on the top of the world. A healthy financial front will keep you in an upbeat mood.

You may go in for an important project at work today. You can be unhappy with a family member because of his or her actions. Not all friends will volunteer to accompany you on a journey. A property acquired by you may start giving good returns.

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Food lovers can expect a gala time as they get to savor some gastronomic delights. Family and finances can put you in much stress and strain.

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If something important is to be done today on the work front, it will be better to wait a little as this may not be the most favorable time. Domestic front will remain tranquil and peaceful, and allow you to rest and recoup.

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Some important personal work that you are quite passionate about may find you travelling a lot. Your ability to impress others is likely to make you popular on the social front. Health may have its ups and downs, but you will be able to overcome it. Financial front is all set to stabilize as money starts coming in.


A new position in the organization may come to you. A tiring journey is likely to take the fun out of it. It is best not to rake old issues involving property. On the social front, you can expect the support of your admirers and well-wishers. Love Focus: Lover may resent you is not being able to spend more time with him or her and can create a scene. Some health products will prove good for your system and help you come back in shape. You can go ahead with financial deals or transactions as the day appears favorable.

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Astrologically Incorrect for Lovers exposes the fetishes, neuroses, and relationship hang-ups of every sign of the zodiac. If you're looking for insight to coax and coerce your lover into asking you out, popping the question, or simply screwing the cap back on the toothpaste, this irreverent guide is all you need. With Astrologically Incorrect for Lovers under your pillow you'll be able to charm and manipulate any lover under the sun.

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