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The project, Torn Between Two Worlds, was created in order to form a bridge between two seemingly opposing sides. In this case between science and astrology. What can the two learn from each other? In the introduction of my first book , I talk about the statistics from identical twin studies done throughout the last 60 years. One statistically significant variable falls out of those studies that can only be defined as a function of time. All of these studies show that our personality is impacted by the time we were born.

This has nothing to do with genetics. Astrologists know this to be true. The physical world is finite, in that it is limited to the materials created in the Big Bang, whereas the ethereal world in infinite. Both worlds can act upon each other. There is a proof in near space that can be made within our solar system and then applied to the universe using a well know anomaly. The AU is increasing by 15 cm per year and nobody knows why.

And if each celestial body had promotional amounts of dark energy, would this explain the accelerated expansion of the universe? You must be logged in to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This is a space of intuition, sentimentality, emotional intelligence and boundaries. The axis of opposites can be extremely complimentary in inspiring balance through plant medicine.

Working with plants that can support both feeling grounded in the physical body while staying receptive and flowing in the emotional body is the perfect combination to beating the heat and staying calm during these intense cosmic changes.

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It is astringent, cooling, chalk full of vitamin C, and very nourishing to the womb space that calls in a feminine receptivity. Nettles also have a protective sting but are extremely mineral rich, grounding, and aid fatigued adrenals. Nettles bring in the earth element; being here, now.

The two create a beautiful dance of protection and guidance. Brew a hot infusion by filling your quart of water with a handful of blended herbs. Let sit over night, or hours. You can drink it cold in the morning or iced throughout these scorching days.

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The magick is in the medicine. This next cycle brings in the energy of White Dove. Wings spread, riding on a sunbeam, wrapping you in her wings of Love and Grace. Like a beacon of Hope, the Dove comes at times of grief, fear and to ease troubled minds. Dove has been associated with many Goddesses throughout history due to her maternal and feminine strength. She is symbolic of Mother Earth and all that needs nurturing and what more do we need in the world right now?

Love, compassion, forgiveness, hope, understanding. Dove is the medicine we are being given, but will we allow ourselves to receive it? In what ways are you attached to your suffering that keeps you from accepting this gracious gift Dove brings. For only when we let go of these unprocessed emotions can we make room for new life, birth new projects, partners and aspects of ourselves. Dove brings a message of prophecy so pay attention to signs, synchronicity, and dreams during this cycle, as they will be extremely informative. When your external world is in such turmoil, it is important to remember there is a peaceful place that resides in all of you that can never be lost.

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Remember to nurture yourself and one another and find appreciation for the simple things in life. Dove brings in a burst of light. A healing balm for your wounds.

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All you have to do is let her in! We will be in this Dove energy for a one month cycle until the next New Moon in August, another eclipse! You can also keep an image or small statue around or even watch nature documentaries with Dove and pay attention to how they move and act. I see you! You have been doing your work and loving on yourself and trying your best to do all the self care care you can think of. All the mindfulness and growth and shadow work and self love… Yet somehow the pesky habits, the tricky thought patterns and the old ways of thinking almost always creep back in.

The Eight of Swords is no joke!

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It can feel really frustrating when you know you are doing the work but somehow you find yourself caught in the stories that no longer serve you. All these retrogrades and Cancer feels are surely causing you to revisit and relive some things you thought you had laid to rest. Never fear though, because the Sun is here to shine light on all the good things that are working for you. Allow yourself to spend just as much time thinking about the things that are flowing smoothly, that bring you joy, and generally make your world light up. Whenever we get snagged, we have to allow that emotion to come up, feel what we are feeling, and then take some inventory.

Let that give you the courage, strength and stamina to keep going. Our culture wants the quick fix, the avoidance, the denial and the bypass. None of that actually works for the deep, sustained, beautiful soul growth that is self love and acceptance. Save Save. On June 15th, Mercury opposes Saturn.

This month our lunation is in the sign of Taurus and will be joined later in the day by rebel planet Uranus, who will stay in the sign for almost 8 years! Expect possible signs of what will be revolutionized collectively and personally over the next years. It submits instead of subdues, it favors nurturing over destruction and harmonizes with the greater whole. Taurus is the ecological steward! Earth Moons always put us in touch with our physical and sensual body.

Going slow, we can experience how our body feels, which may not have been the same as yesterday or how it will be tomorrow. This gives us receptivity to our changing experience and prompts grounded growth through awareness. Themes of volatility are present in the flux. Mercury is conjunct Uranus too — Money and communications may be affected. This could be in shocking and revealing ways. Venus is strong though-and we can look to her for a key to getting the most out of the intensity. To begin, we plant the seed of intention for everything we want to manifest by getting grounded.

Stop and Breathe! Taurus and Venus are very much about feeling, balance and centering as well as contact with our earthy reality.