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Inner Companion/Companion in Life The Chinese concept of the companion in life does not refer to another person, but rather to an inner.
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It wouldn't, however, have the full force of the tiger. The rising sign influences the animal year sign so that it isn't quite as fixed as it could be. For instance, if someone was born in the month of the snake and had a snake rising sign, then that person would have almost completely snake characteristics.

Chinese compatible signs: Who am I compatible with?

If you had a super fast moving sign like the horse or the dragon, but your rising sign was the slow moving ox, then your pace might almost be normal when the two are combined. The ox rising sign will always influence the year sign to be more cautious and more slow moving. This works well if the year sign is, perhaps, too active. The tiger comes with an aggressive streak, and whatever your year sign is, that bit of extra passion is going to be added. Ambition and the love of things will color your character. Having a good time will be quite important to you as well.

They are also the most highly regarded by the Chinese. There are great celebrations when a child is born in the month of the powerful dragon. Rabbits are gentle, refined creatures, if a little eccentric. They love to stay at home and count their money. They love to decorate and to entertain—in a very glamorous way, of course. So if this tiny little creature is your rising sign, then you will be more artistic, refined, and careful about your money than the other animals of the Chinese zodiac.

When Chinese people ask for your astrological sign, it is a polite way of asking your age. They are also able to determine how prosperous you will be. The snake brings sensuality to your year sign and makes you mysterious and secretive.

Chinese astrology: The Pig

It can move you in unexpected ways so that other people might be a little weary and wonder what you're going to do next. Sometimes, it's nice to be surprising to others, but other times, it's just nice to be run-of-the-mill. It depends on the occasion, and the snake can adjust to situations with ease.

Having the horse as your rising sign will add a large dash of energy to whoever you are. You will not tire as easily as most, but you might also take a gamble which a more cautious person would avoid. This could work well when combined with the dragon, as the dragon is lucky. It could also work well with an ox which is very cautious.

The speed with which the horse undertakes all its tasks will be a benefit to all signs.

Chinese Zodiac Men Jealous

It definitely adds a bit of adventure. Whatever sign you are, the sheep will bring a softer, more sentimental side to it. It will make you more sensitive to criticism but more admired because you have good taste like the rabbit. The sheep will also add the ability to take advantage of opportunities that come your way.

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Think of an inquisitive monkey always examining everything and exploring everywhere. This is the energy that the monkey brings to your natural birth sign. This could be very useful as it will enable you to have a knack for creativity and bringing new insights into solving problems. Should a snake have the monkey as a combination, then it will, indeed be a very wise snake! It will also, perhaps, not be as hidden as it normally is. The rooster is wide awake early in the morning and is aware of everything that is happening around it. The rooster may add to your desire to become a bit of a spendthrift, so use your other zodiac influence to control that urge.

Chinese Astrology: The Tiger - Personality & Compatibility

One quarter of the world's population pay attention to which animal represents them. Chinese plan the birth month of their children to ensure prosperity, health, and happiness. The influence of the dog on your natural zodiac sign could make you a noble person. You will have a more sensitive conscience than some others, and you will gravitate to doing what is right rather than serving your own needs.

The dog ascendant may lend a more moral or ethical perspective to a sign that is inclined to live hard and fast without regard for the well-being of others. The boar always does the right thing, and because it does, it has many friends.

This energy will influence your sign, so you can count on being popular and being admired for having integrity and conscience. In addition to the rising sign and the year sign, there are five elements. These are wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Each of them have certain characteristics which will influence who you are. Wood brings goodness while water brings wisdom. Metal increases life span while earth invests in honesty and truth.

Fire is pure power! A final influence will be the current year. Whatever animal rules, that will work either with your characteristics or against them. By understanding the life force influences of a particular year, you can plan your year to be the best it can be. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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You can rely on each other, and you can also give sincere advice or criticism to each other. The relationship will get along steadily. What a relief!! When I found that an Ox and the Sheep is not a good match, I was very disappointed.